Things to consider before moving into your warehouse

Moving into a warehouse can be the next big step for your business. You may be moving into a bigger warehouse from a smaller warehouse, downsizing to a smaller warehouse, or simply moving into your first warehouse ever. Whatever your situation may be, the following things must be considered before you move in:

The Age Of The Building

The age of the building is important, as you need to make sure your warehouse is going to stand the test of time. It should be proven to be a great warehouse, but still have the technology to make things move efficiently for your business. Figure out what warehouse management system can support it too, as this will help you immensely when you’re just starting out.


The Size of the Warehouse

The size of your warehouse can determine your employees and inventory. Too much space won’t be good for your budget, but too little space will negatively affect your productivity. You need to make sure you have just enough space, perhaps a little room for growth too if you expect that to happen in the coming weeks/months. However, do not overestimate and always stay sensible with your decisions.

Organizing Your Current Inventory

Before you move into your new warehouse, one of the best things you can do is organize your current inventory. Doing this now will save you so much hassle later on. The easy way to do this is by using opticon scanners or a similar device. You should also get rid of old or dead inventory if possible, as it’ll just take up space and continue weighing you down.  

The Layout

You need to consider the transportation of your goods as well as how easily staff will arrive when looking at the lay out of your warehouse. How much will you spend on import/export relating to your location?

Your Options

You have a handful of options to consider before moving into your warehouse:

  • A private warehouse that can be tailored depending on your business and what you plan on storing. A cold storage space can be good for keeping food items, for instance.
  • A public warehouse can be used for a storage fee, and they are licensed by the state. The operation and rates used are usually controlled by the government. You will find them on railway routes and main roads, so they are convenient.
  • A bonded warehouse is licensed by the government and accepts imported goods to store. These warehouses are under the supervision and control of custom authorities of the countries you find them in. This type of warehouse is most suitable for retailers who import items from foreign countries as they are required to pay duty only for the goods removed from the warehouse. There may be more benefits too, such as blending and labeling certain products.

Before you move into your warehouse consider the above things and you should end up with the most suitable warehouse in the ideal location for you. Thanks for reading!

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