Marketing lessons to learn from beauty salons

No matter what line of industry you are in, there are always valuable business lessons to learn from other sectors. For any company in the customer-facing field, the beauty salon is a perfect example.

Salons come and go with alarming regularity, competition is immense, and the reality is that it is a tough industry in which to get established in. Simply put, any salon owner that has been around for 4-5 years has a lot of business and marketing nous – and we can all learn from them.

Let’s take a look at some of the valuable lessons you can learn from the beauty salon industry.


Location is everything

While beauty salons rely heavily on appointments, the simple fact is that they will lose out on finding new customers if they are located in the wrong area of town. And there’s a lot for salon owners to consider. Do they pay the top rents and rates associated with a central location, or risk missing out on walk-in custom by paying lower rates in an area with less traffic? Are they located near their ideal customer? Is there parking spaces for customers nearby? Without a visible presence, beauty salons will struggle to win new customers from the competition – and it’s something you need to consider for your client-facing business, too.

Mixed messages

If you have a vague idea of opening a beauty salon but don’t have a target audience, you are going to end up in a lot of trouble. You need to decide on your demographics – the fresh and funky crowd or the business professional? The older lady or the stressed out, busy mums? Your ideal salon clients need to see your website, social media, shop front and all other marketing literature and immediately grasp what you are about – and why they should be interested. As a business owner or marketing manager, you should be creating ideal customers and creating campaigns targeted directly to them – or you risk confusing your audience.

The perfect product

There is no room for mistakes in the beauty business. The work you do on your customer will be seen by anyone that cares to look once they leave the salon. Get it wrong, and it can create a catastrophic impact on your ability to grow and find new clients because word will soon get around. We’ve all read about beauty salon disasters, and while the right insurance cover will reduce your expenses when it comes to compensation, the fallout can sink a salon. So, try to think like a salon, and understand that a perfect product can be one of the greatest marketing tools at your disposal. And try to avoid anything leaving that you aren’t 100 percent happy with.

Provide an experience

People go to beauty salons to make themselves feel better. They aren’t just having their nails done, or getting their locks trimmed – they are also going for an experience. And the better experience provided, the more the customer is likely to pay. So, as our final point – could you follow the beauty salon’s lead and give that little bit extra to your clients?  

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