Advantages of conducting a social media audit

This is a guest post by Garret Norris is the founder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder

Audit always poses a negative connotation especially because it is attributed to tax season. However, if you are working in social media, it is actually a great technique to do an audit every so often. There are certain advantages of conducting a social media audit that can improve your business. If you are not aware on how to conduct a social media audit by yourself, there are plenty of free templates you can use from the internet. But, before that, it is very important to set your objectives and know your goals when conducting social media audits. Here are several reasons on why doing it now would be advantageous for you.

Opportunity to improve and learn

It is the best way to encourage people to learn and there is a chance that there will be improvements when it comes to effort and productivity. Social media audit can build benchmarks as to how effective campaigns are and if these have been done right. Conducting one can help you assess what the audience likes and what needs improvement. With this data, you can always revert back to it and check it once in a while – compare these metrics and see if you are on the right direction, or at least heading that way. During the process of conducting a social media audit, you will be able to think of fresh ideas that can help you in improving your content marketing strategy. It will enable you to create out-of-the-box social media campaigns and develop unique story angles for your content marketing.

Nowhere to go but up

Doing a social media audit can only yield positive results. It will just benefit everyone – from your social media managers to their bosses. Performing such would give you an overview on the current status of your campaigns. Additionally, a social media audit headed by people outside your company can provide objective insights and a valuable perspective. Moreover, marketers are mere storytellers who translate numbers and convey them to qualitative observations in our reports. The results of the social media audit can help you determine current engagement with your target audience and also provide new waves of information from where you can grow your business.

Develop strategies

The social media audit can help you lay out the structure of your content marketing strategy. In case you already have one, it helps you pinpoint the bottlenecks and weak points. The social media audit can give you recommendations that are more suitable for your customers online. It is especially vital when you do not have any written strategy yet as you can make adjustments with your marketing techniques by using social media at its maximum potential.

Make sense of your data

The existence of your social media pages will be justified given the right data. You can have a lot of data and set metrics for your business but unless these data can be used for improvement, no one will be able to prove and connect how social media engagement affects the promotion of your products and how they can provide sales leads and eventually turn into profit. Making sense of your data means you would be able to compare engagements in periods of time. It also implies knowing more than a certain number – you must list down demographic profiles and specific elements you would want to consider for benchmarking purposes. These data will help you see where you stand after a quarter or after a year and provide you trends you can use in the future.

Your data will help you determine more specific goals you want to achieve. Social media fails due to lack of direction. Conducting a social media audit will provide clarity on what social media should be used for and start linking it to the content marketing approach you want to employ. Once you see the results as aligned with your business objectives, you will have sense of fulfilment that you are heading to the right direction. This will keep you going for more and push your objectives further. Once you are able to prove how valuable social media marketing is, your clients will be committed to spend more time and resources on it.

Uncover the gaps

Social media audits have increased in popularity because it is no waste of time. It is a bold move instead of trying to improve things which do not need improvement and neglecting stuff that actually needs attention. It is easy to give in to what is optimal but social media audit actually gives you power to know where to focus your resources to get the best results. Content drives everything online, solid strategies to deliver to your customers at the right time is needed. Uncovering the gaps also means that you should learn the parts on why social media isn’t converting. While uncovering the gaps, it will reveal even more opportunities to generate leads and stack up against your competitors as a social media audit will reveal their weakness – and that puts you in an advantageous position.

Most of the time, you question why you lose people along the way – but you cannot figure why. The truth is that it is just a matter of what content type will engage them. A social media audit will help you formulate a process to engage and follow through.

Learn the best practice

Key performance indicators are vital to the success of your social media campaigns. These serve as the affirmation of goals being achieved. The ROI in terms of social media is when these goals are set and results are tied and measured back in reference to these goals. Social media audit lets you track it.

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Garret Norris is the founder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.  

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