6 Mistakes to avoid when hosting a business event

Anyone that disputes the importance of marketing for business is either lying or doesn’t have a successful business. Entrepreneurs should spend hours planning marketing strategies, or, at the very least, should hire someone to do it for them. These strategies could involve blogging to increase SEO, investing in Facebook ads, or building a list of email subscribers. Another great marketing opportunity is hosting a business event. If you think a business event would be beneficial for your business and want to make yours a success, then here are six mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Getting Help

Business events require a lot of planning, and if you’ve never planned such an event before, you will probably get incredibly overwhelmed and forget to book or buy something. While this thing might not be missed, it could be something essential, which would ruin the entire day for you and your attendees. Hiring a professional event planner will avoid this crisis, and will free up time for you to focus on your actual work.


Not Promoting Your Event

People aren’t just going to show up on the day of an event fully prepared; They need weeks, if not a few months to get ready. If people don’t know about your event until the last minute, or just don’t find out about it at all, then they’re not going to come. Start promoting your event well in advance, and ask people to RSVP, so that you know how many people are attending.

Guests Have Nothing To Do

Some of your attendees are going to be busy promoting their own businesses throughout the day and will have their own exhibitions stands, but some will just come to find out more about your business or to have a day out. The last thing that you want is for these guests to be stood around bored because you haven’t planned enough for them to do. Make sure that there are guest speakers and activities, and let your guests know when and where they’re being hosted.

Forgetting Your Own Stand

The event might be yours, but that doesn’t mean that everyone attending is going to know about you and your business. Just like the other businesses and entrepreneurs attending, you need a bespoke exhibition stand, leaflets, products, and information on your business, and products or services. Just make sure that you’re not too pitchy when it comes to talking about your business, or you could turn away more clients than you make.


No Backup Plan

Things can go wrong at any time and in any way, so it’s important to have as many backup plans as you can think of. If you’re hosting your event outside, make sure that there’s somewhere that you and your guests can go if the weather turns. You should also make sure that you have backup guest speakers, in case one doesn’t turn up for some reason, and that you have someone on standby in case there are any technical difficulties.

Business events can bring a lot of attention to your business, but they can go wrong very easily if you don’t know what you’re doing. With this advice, your event should be a huge success.

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