Retaining staff without overspending

As a small business, keeping your staff turnover low is essential. You can’t afford to recruit, interview and train new staff all of the time, and you need a team that loves your company, knows what they are doing and has a passion for helping you drive things forward. When you’ve not got the budget for a huge team or the resources for a massive marketing campaign, you need amazing staff. The kind of people that will help with anything and go the extra mile for you.

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But, keeping them can be tough. When you’ve got awesome staff, who do their job well, there’s a danger that they will outgrow you. That they’ll have their heads turned by higher salaries and greater opportunities elsewhere. Then, you are back to square one. However, retaining staff and creating a loyal and talented workforce isn’t all about money. It’s something that you can do on a tight budget, without overspending.

Train Them

Good staff like to learn. They want to know everything there is to know; they want to grow and develop. So, let them. Don’t worry that this means they’ll leave you one day. Yes, they might. But, you’ll get them at their best until then. Fail to train them, and they’ll leave much sooner without ever giving you everything they’ve got to offer.

Be Grateful

Big bonuses are fantastic, but they’re not the only way to show gratitude. Say thank you at the end of a shift. Buy them Christmas and birthday cards, take them out for a drink after a hard day and generally be grateful. Acknowledge their hard work and notice when they do something extra. Treat them to a bigger bonus when you can, or check out for some alternative ideas.

Get Stuck in

Getting stuck in and helping your staff makes their life easier, shows them that you respect them and goes a long way to increasing their loyalty to you and your business. There’ll be times when you need to be in your office, doing your work. But, if they need you and you are able, help them and don’t shy away from the nastier jobs. You shouldn’t ever ask someone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.

Get Them Help

As a small business, you’ll want to keep costs low. This can mean that you work with a very small team and that you all do a little of everything. Most of the time this might work well. But, sometimes, when you are a lot busier than usual things can be a struggle. Instead of asking for more from your already stressed and overworked team, get help. You may not want to employ more staff, but can offer a great alternative.

Be Nice

Sometimes, the best way to retain staff is by giving them a great working environment. As the boss, your attitude is a big part of this. Be nice to your staff. Be kind, understanding and flexible. Have fun with them and let them have fun together. You’ll find they are more productive, happier and that they love working for you.

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