4 Ways to keep your clients happy and loyal

No one wants their business to go under, but unless you have clients and customers that are willing to spend money buying from you, then it’s not going to last very long. Of course, finding new customers is important, but it’s also expensive and is definitely more expensive than retaining the ones you already have. Word-of-mouth is a great way to get your name and brand out there, but clients will only recommend you if they respect you and believe that you’re the best. Here are a few ways that you can ensure this, and create a family of loyal clients.

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Know What You’re Doing

Although it’s possible that a client decided to work with you because you were the first business they found, it’s highly unlikely. What’s much more likely is that they did their research and thought that you were an expert and the best fit for them. However, clients will stop seeing you this way if you seem unsure of what you’re doing. You have to keep learning as you go on so that you can be decisive and sure when it comes to making important decisions or answering difficult questions.

Be Realistic

Being the best doesn’t mean that you can promise Heaven and Earth to your clients, I’m afraid. Try not to make any unrealistic promises, as this will only disappoint customers and clients. They will start to see you as dishonest, and will no longer want to work with you. Instead, set realistic expectations from day one and go from there; It’s much better to promise less and deliver more than it is to do it the other way around.


Show You Care

Clients remain loyal to businesses that are more bothered about them and less about making money, which means that you have to show that you care. There are some pretty extravagant ways that you can do this, such as wining and dining them with a Wimbledon corporate hospitality package. However, you don’t need to go huge to get the message across; Sometimes all it takes is a handwritten birthday card to keep you in their mind.


Communication Is Everything

You could be the best entrepreneur in your field, but if you never pick up the phone or reply to your emails, then your clients are going to go elsewhere. In business, communication really is everything, so you should try to reply to clients and customers within a day, if not before that. You should also check in with your clients regularly to ask them about the quality of your service. If they think it’s not up to par, find out what you can do to improve, and make these changes, before they affect your business too much.

Loyal and happy customers are essential to a successful business. Rather than focus on getting more clients, you should take action to keep the ones you have satisfied. If they’re happy, they’ll tell their partners and associates, and more business will come naturally. Plus, it’s much easier to upsell to someone that’s already invested in you.

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