Kick your Kickstarter off to a great start

Crowdfunding has become very popular these days, and there are now lots of budding CEOS and entrepreneurs who choose to try and find the funding for their business venture through crowdfunding websites. It’s very easy to do; all you need to do is publish a project and offer certain perks and benefits to those who pledge to your campaign. You can see some great examples of successful projects on the Kickstarter website.

Creating a successful Kickstarter campaign that gets fully funded before its deadline is no easy feat, though. You need to put a lot of effort into coming up with the project so that you can get the business funding that you need. If your project isn’t funded in time, then you won’t get a penny.

Ready to get the ball rolling with your Kickstarter? Here are some tips to help you kick it!

Promote It On Social Media

The easiest way to get as many people as possible interested in your project is to promote it on social media. Your company should have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles already, and these are great promotional opportunities for you. Use plenty of hashtags so that as many people as possible see your updates. If you have a close relationship with other business professionals, you might want to as them to post about your Kickstarter so that their network is also informed about it.

Link It To Your Website

If your analytics show you that you have lots of traffic clicking onto your website, you should add a link to the Kickstarter project page. Not all of this traffic will be coming from social media, so it creates a chance for the non-social media users to find out about your project. Make sure that you are constantly working on the website’s SEO so that people who stumble across your company through Google searches are also made aware of your Kickstarter. You never know who might be interested in making a pledge!


Offer Appealing Rewards

To try and entice more people to pledge to your project, you need to offer some rewards. Most projects offer a scale of rewards, ranging from small ones for low-value pledges to some very exclusive rewards to those who pledge a lot of their cash. Obviously, the more appealing your rewards are then the more backers you will gain. So, make sure that you think long and hard about what you should offer backers!

Keep Backers Updated

The Kickstarter website gives you the chance to keep backers updated by sending them email messages. This is optional, and it’s up to you how often you message them. It’s a good idea to keep them regularly updated with how the project is going as it might encourage them to get their contacts involved. Some people will be desperate for their reward so will try and get their friends to pledge to help you reach your target!

Running a successful Kickstarter project isn’t easy, but with some hard work and determination, you will get to your goal eventually!

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