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If you’ve got a blog, you may have some point considered using it to make money or even turning it into a profitable business. You’ll have seen other bloggers receiving items to review or being offered payment to advertise products and services. You’ll have noticed advertisements on sidebars and within the content. But, you may have faced knockbacks. You might have installed Google AdSense only to find you’ve made barely anything a week later.

You may have also faced rejections when you’ve pitched to brands for work.

Well, one of the keys to moving forward is being more professional. If you want to turn your blog into a business, you need to treat it like one. Here’s what you need to do to start getting taken seriously.


Create a Brand

First impressions matter more than ever in the blogging world, and a big part of this is branding. You need a logo, tagline and a color scheme. Viewers should be able to glance at your logo on a social media profile and immediately know it’s you. Use this branding on your website; social media feeds and offline of business cards and stationery.

Check Your Spellings

This might seem obvious, but so many blogs are littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It can be easy to miss the odd mistake, so use to help. You’re never going to be taken seriously and secure well-paid work if your writing isn’t good.

Great Photography

It’s not just writing that you need to think about, images are equally important in the blogging world. They break up the text, hold people’s attention and make your site look great. Poor quality photographs are one of the easiest ways to spot a hobby blogger. Fantastic photography looks more professional and can get you noticed straight away.

The good news is, you don’t need to invest in a costly camera to start with. Focus on your shot composition and read some guides to iPhone photography hacks to help.

Lots of White Space

Nothing looks less professional than a site that’s absolutely full of bits and bobs of little importance. Take a look at your sidebar, is it full of widgets that you don’t actually need? Get rid of some. Then, make sure your background is light, and your text is easy to read. White space allows people to focus on what’s important.

Be Professional

pexels-photo-768474 (1)

Remember, brands you want to work with aren’t just looking at your blog. They are also reading your social media feeds and your emails. Make sure you professionally conduct yourself and that you always check your spellings.

While your stats do matter, obviously brands wanting to advertise their products will want to reach a wide audience, it’s not the most important thing, and you probably don’t need as many views as you might think. Instead, focus on building a loyal audience that are happy to comment on and share your content. It’s more important that the people that read your blog trust your opinions and views than having thousands of viewers that spend seconds on your site and just don’t care.

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