Is a good office the key to better productivity?

Your office is the heart of your business. This is the place where you and your workers will spend a huge portion of your day, and your lives in general- so it’s something you shouldn’t leave as an afterthought. Not only will a nice office make a good impression, but it can also help to boost productivity in your employees too. Here are some things to consider when looking for office premises or upgrading the space you currently have.  

Rent or Buy?

One of the first decisions you will need to make in regards to your office is whether you will rent premises, or build/ buy somewhere of your own. If you’re a smaller or newer business who doesn’t have a whole lot of money in the bank right now then renting will be the obvious choice. But if things are going well, investing in your office could be a smart business move. You can really make it custom to you, and there will be no need to cover rent costs every month. There are lots of commercial units you could purchase and strip out, you might even gain some money back by selling off the scrap copper or other metals. Otherwise you could purchase a plot of land with commercial planning permission, and have something built from scratch. Think about sizing, which is relevant whether your rent or buy. If your company is likely to expand in the future, you need an office which gives you space to grow without having to move somewhere bigger every few years.

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The location of your business is also extremely important. If you’re the kind of company that relies heavily on foot traffic to get sales then a busier, central location where lots of people pass through is likely to be your best bet. There will be great transport links and its easy for staff and customers to access, the only trouble is it will be more expensive. If you’re the kind of business that doesn’t need foot traffic, then a premises that’s a little further out, perhaps on the outskirts of a town or city could work well. As long as there are still good transport routes for your staff (and clients if they come to your office) you can get a less expensive office that’s just as nice.

Decor and Layout

When it comes to the office, it’s always worth creating a calming and pleasant environment, as this can boost your employees moods and even boost productivity. Go with light neutrals, make the most of the natural light and configure a layout that works. It needs to flow well, without workers feel like they’re cramped and on top of each other. Even if you’re leasing an office as opposed to building or buying, in most cases you will be allowed (and even encouraged) to make changes to reflect your company. Sometimes, some new carpets and a fresh coat of paint can be all that’s needed to bring everything up to scratch.

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