Turn a blank space into a business space

As long as you have a great idea and a decent fund to make your dream happen, there is nothing stopping you from starting up your own empire and doing what you love the most finally.

When it comes to looking at commercial property for your business, you simply need a blank space to work with and you can make it into anything you want. If you do find a great commercial property and decide to invest in it, here are some of the things you can use it for.


Every area needs a good cafe where they can come and get a freshly made lunch during the working week and have breakfast at the weekend. If you love to cook and you have a passion for people, you might suit running a cafรฉ with your own creations up for grabs. All you will need to this is a cashier area, kitchen equipment, seats and some bright decor to lighten the mood. It can be a fun and exhilarating business for you and a friend or even your partner.

2. Coworking space

One brilliant way that to can make some money for yourself is to invest in a larger office building and split it up so that there is room for different people to come and rent a working space. You need to make sure that you equip every room with the right equipment and good security to allow your new coworkers to feel safe and invited into the building. You can also make a large communal cafe area so that every different company has chance to get to know each other.

  1. Book clubs

Although you might not think there is any money in book clubs: there are many people who love having the excuse to read and meet new people. You can set up weekly book clubs with different groups of people- providing them with snacks and drinks as well as any equipment they want for a price. You can hire out rooms for a couple of hours at a time.

4. Food shelter

One of the ways you can both make yourself some money and give back to the community is by accepting food donations and then creating simple meals for people who are living on the streets or those who cannot afford to feed themselves at all. It will be incredibly rewarding for you because you are making a difference, and the people who you help will benefit more than you could ever know.

  1. Business conferences

If you want to hire out your office space for business people you can provide an area where meetings can be held in large conference halls. It will provide a place for business people to go through important changes in their business and to work on projects out of the office. You can provide snacks, equipment and drinks in return for an extra fee. This could provide a very lucrative income for you as you can afford to charge more for the service.

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