Sometimes context matters more than content in marketing

The rat race of all businesses is to get as many pairs of eyes watching their every move. Popping out of the clear blue sky to then informally try to lure customers towards your direction is liking fishing in the North Pole. One fish might come along to bite, but no one knows who you are, and why they should care about the bait, i.e. your attractive product. In a sense, you have to build up a relationship with the customer before you open them up to your world. Great products and services on their own are always going to sell no matter what because quality always shows. However, retaining an interest in the minds of consumers is a lot tougher battle. As they say in the playground, there’s always someone out there tougher than you are. Even with a shining product line that in all honesty is better than the competition, without a good marketing strategy, you’ll fade away into the background. So knowing what customers like and trying to fit your business into their lives, means you need to take on a contextual approach to your marketing content.

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Targeting the person

Marketing campaigns that are like one giant blanket of content are prudent in many ways but being personable isn’t one. It’s very cost effective and perhaps the best technique for many businesses both large and small. However, it doesn’t really with the individual. Designing a marketing campaign like this means you have to focus on commonalities and shared issues. But if you were to take this approach, you certainly wouldn’t be the only one doing so. As mentioned before, you’d simply just fade into the background like white noise. Targeting the person and not the masses is the ebecs approach. This software allows you to provide one-to-one personalised communication. You can send offers that will automatically adapt to the way customers are behaving such as search patterns and what images they view. This means you have context to your content. You’re not just aimlessly throwing broad guesses out there; you’re specifically targeting an individual with marketing content that’s more likely to drive up your conversion rates.

Right time, right place

With more people online and browsing than ever before in human history, it’s only right to get in on the action of location-based marketing. More than have the Google searches last year were done by smartphones. It doesn’t take much mental capacity to realize these searches were most probably done while on the move; for the most part. Take this opportunity to engage with brands that specialize in maps and locations such as Google Maps, Citymapper, and Navmii. Working with these companies your business can be advertised to consumers when they are in the local area. If people are on a night out and they are in the vicinity if your restaurant, your advertisement can pop-up showcasing your business to them. They’re in the right place, and your ad is presented to them at the right time.

Marketing is really an art form that is becoming more and more logical thanks to complex yet easily usable technologies. Knowing the individual before targeting them with your products and services is more likely to grab their attention.

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