Throw a spectacular marketing event on a small budget!

In this influencer saturated market throwing a real-life event can hold a lot of sway, and give you some great returns in brand awareness and product reviews for the cost you pay out. Traditionally, such events are expensive, in fact, the more spectacular you want them to be the more money it will cost. However, there is an alternative to this and it following the tactics below. Read on to find out more.

Everyone wants exposure

Guess what? You are not the only small business out there racking their brains in how to get more marketing exposure on their brand and product. This fact is great news because it means you can ask suppliers to help you out either for free or at a vastly reduced cost. The thing that you offer to convince them to do this is exposure for their brand as well.

To sell this is a good idea to have a breakdown of the type of people that will be attending the event, and show exactly how this relates to the market that the vendors are looking to approach. Also, don’t forget that caterers, celebration cake businesses, entertainment suppliers and the like will want to be able to display their brand logos, banners, and contact information during the event to make it worth their while. Something that is entirely possible and can help you to get some seriously spectacular items and treats without breaking the bank.

Some folks love to entertain

How many amateur entertainment clubs, choirs, bands, dance groups, and orchestras are there around the country? Probably too many to count, and the one thing that binds them all together is their love of performing.


Give performers a chance to entertain at your marketing event.

This is, of course, something that is hugely valuable to you if you are looking to create a spectacular marketing event on a limited budget. This is because it means you can team up with local and community groups and give them an opportunity to perform. This is usually something that they will not charge for, and you get the added PR advantage of showing that you are taking an active role in the local community, making it a win-win situation that you can’t afford to ignore.

Buy resources wholesale Β Β 

Another way to ensure that your marketing event is as spectacular as possible is to go for a classy theme. Think crisp white restaurant quality tablecloths, napkins and chair covers, white floral centrepieces and classic white porcelain. You may even choose to use your company colours as the accent in the decoration in the table linens, decorations and balloons to make it even more spectacular while subtly reminding everyone that it’s your company that is laying on all this luxury.

Of course, such resources usually cost a fortune so before you consider hiring them or buying them at full price member to check the price with wholesale providers. In fact, doing so can get you the same quality without the hefty price tag, leaving you more cash to pay for other things that will make your marketing event truly spectacular.

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