Green with pride! Making your business environmentally sustainable

Do you feel that?! It’s pressure; and when you’re running a business you feel pressure from all angles. From the financial, to the professional. But nowadays, with so many rules and regulations, businesses are feeling the push from the government. One of the main ways this is happening is in terms of environmental sustainability. But, it’s something that shouldn’t be a pressure, in fact it’s something you need to be on top of. So, if your business isn’t environmentally sustainable at the moment, how can you make it so?

Review Your Policies

Looking at your procurement policies, and doing some solid research on how you go about becoming environmentally sustainable, is the first step. If your policies aren’t up to speed, and you are liaising with suppliers that aren’t ethically sound, this could filter through to your customers, which doesn’t communicate the best marketing message. On top of this, making sure that you understand how much your carbon footprint is, will give you some knowledge to push forward with.

Make Big Changes In-House

If you are working with suppliers who aren’t sustainable in any way, start to think about what you can do in-house to offset the balance. Something that many residents do now is installing solar panels, to help reduce electricity outgoings. On top of this, you could go one step further and look at ways of reusing your water. This can be done by using sustainable drainage devices, and there are suppliers out there that could help with this, you can visit Freeflush and get some information on drainage devices. If you have the capacity, undertaking a detailed assessment of where you can make substantial changes in-house will benefit the environment, but over time, it will actually save you money.

Focus On The Staff

Do you have any staff schemes? You have, no doubt, heard about carpooling, but encouraging your workers to cycle into work, walk, or even use public transport, are simple ways to help reduce the overall carbon footprint. On top of this, implementing a eating local approach, by getting in food from local suppliers, is another way to help reduce this.

Ditch The Paper

Last, but not least, this is one of the most effective ways any of us can cut back on our devastating impact on the planet. Of course, there are many different ways that businesses can reduce their paper output, from having their computers power down when they’re not in use, but for all of the processes businesses implement, we still end up using a lot of paper! There are many different ways to reduce paper consumption in the workplace, but, the most important to have an influx of electronic devices. Going paperless is one of the biggest ways any business can help the planet.

Making your business environmentally sustainable isn’t something that can be done overnight, and if you don’t do anything to make sure that you are benefiting the planet, and your carbon footprint is as low as it can possibly be, this is where you need to begin. Yes, there are rules and regulations in place on cutting down our use of plastics in the world, but we need to start doing so much more to help the world we live in, before it is too late.

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