The clock is ticking, but have you got the need for social media speed?

Business and social media. It’s boring, right? In fact, it seems as though every business post on the web sprouts about social media like an outdated Christmas dinner. But, though you don’t want to hear it, there is good reason for repetition here. Mastering social media will help you get on top of your marketing methods once and for all. It might well be a pain in the backside, but this it’s important you get it right. And, to do that, you need to know as much about it as possible.

What’s more, there’s always something new to learn. For instance, you may know about the importance of hashtags, keywords, and different platforms. But, you may not have considered that acting in the name of speed could be the secret. After all, the online world moves fast. If you don’t get on the conveyor, you’ll miss the ride. Hence why we’re going to look at a timeline to help you keep up.


Every hour

EVERY HOUR you, or someone on your team, needs to check on your social media. If someone messages or comments, they shouldn’t wait any longer than this for a reply. If they do, they’ll either lose interest or develop a negative idea of your efficiency. Neither of which will end in a sale. Instead, check each hour of the working day. That doesn’t mean you’re going to spend a long time each time. But, you need to check. In fact, this is so crucial to success that you might want to hire outsourced IT support to ensure you’re never out of action for longer than that hour. Imagine how much custom you could lose for being offline for two, three, or even four hours. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Once a day

Studies show you should post once a day for optimal social media interaction. Any more, and engagement drops. Any less, and you may as well not be online. So it’s essential you send something out into the world at least once a day. This doesn’t always need to be promotional stuff, either. Remember that the whole point is to get your brand seen. And, that’s going to happen whether you’re posting about your lunch or your product. In fact, your lunch might be the best bet of the two. After all, more people will interact with a post which doesn’t seem spammy. And, the more people that interact, the better chance you have of being found by others.


Once a week

Nothing directly relating to social media should take a week. That’d be far too long, and the ship would most definitely have sailed. BUT, it doesn’t hurt to sit down and plan your posts once a week. This ensures they’re ready to go on those days when you’re busy. And, that small step could be your big leap towards social media success. At the very least, it’ll ensure your social media management is much less of a chore when  you don’t have time.

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