What is your RPC and how can you improve it?

If you are running an online company, you do need to think about your RPC. This stands for revenue per click, and it is crucial if you want to make sure that your business does remain profitable. It’s particularly important if you are using a PPC marketing scheme. With PPC marketing, the cost you pay will depend on how many people actually click on your site. But of course, the click isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that they buy your product or service and that’s where your RPC becomes crucial.

It is essentially, the other end of the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel begins with a user search online. 97 percent of interactions online start with a search engine. They’ll then hopefully find your site in either the sponsored results or the organic results of the SERPs. If you’re in the top ten, there’s a good chance you’ll see a substantial amount of clicks, but do be aware the lower down you are, the less interest you’ll receive. As such, you need to make those clicks count. So, how can you improve your RPC?

Speed Up Your Site


If possible, you should do what you can to guarantee that each page on your site doesn’t take more than a second to load. Anything longer than this and you do risk losing the interest of the user. They will be more likely to click off in search of your competition. That’s the last thing that you want. One of the best ways to speed up your site is to make sure that you are hosting it yourself. This will give you more freedom on how much content you fill it with and how fast it operates. If in doubt, use a website builder and get them to adapt your site to ensure it loads faster.

Clean And Clear


One of the easiest way to lose revenue with clicks is by making buying too difficult for customers. In other words, you don’t want to be in the situation where customers can’t find exactly what they are looking for. Make sure you have a clear search bar for your site as this will make it easier for your customers. You should also think about using an e-commerce solution to make your shop as simple as possible. Ecommerce solutions can help you add buy buttons and make your web layout simple yet effective, perfecting the architecture of your business site.

Come Back

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Finally, be aware that customers will typically be looking at more than one thing when they are viewing your website online. That’s why you want to remind them to come back and check your site. You can do this with a simple piece of software. It will change the info in your tab to a message asking for them to return. This can say anything you want, but popular options are ‘we miss you’ or ‘check out this.’ It’s a simple way to regain customer attention when you have only partially lost their interest.

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