A networking event with a difference – head outdoors

Making any event you organize unique to you, and your brand requires the right location, a great guest list, tasty food and a lot to see and do. An idyllic open space for your demure launch party, open plains of green grass for your networking event, a perfectly secluded part of the beach for you ultimate summer client BBQ; you are going to run into some logistical problems.

Are you allowed to hold your event there? What about getting people there? How about food and drinks? Do you set up a party tent or do you trust the weather to be dry?


A quick negotiation with the landowner (and possibly exchange of currency), getting an official permit or just good interpretation of signposts can sort out the use of the location. Google Maps will help people get there via car, but you should make sure the public transport links are excellent too. BYOB is an ingenious way to make sure you can cater for all tastes, but make sure you are stocked with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. As for food, you are better off having a few

One thing, however, is a bit harder to organize on the fly: where do I get the electricity from to power my sound system, slide projector, chocolate fountain or TV to display the match on? Consider a diesel generator! You can buy one or hire one, but being able to have portable and continuous electricity at your event elevates the whole proceeding from: “just another gathering devoid from modern comforts” to “all bells and whistles kinda party”. Picking up a diesel generator will solve all of your power issues in one easy call.

Next up you need to start thinking about who the entertainment would be. You want to have something that compliments the style of event you have arranged. Networking should have a serious focus at whatever activity that you opt to host, so carve out a space that isn’t as loud as the rest of the event. Try to get a lineup that includes some motivations speakers, some more informative speakers and some music. With a good mix, you will have something for everyone, and you’ll be more likely to sell more tickets.

When it comes to selling the tickets be very clear about what the event is, and why it is worth the ticket price. This event shouldn’t be all about the money; it is about making connections, showing off your products, giving clients the opportunity to show off their products. It’s a networking event with a twist. Use your social media channels to promote your event, and also your personal accounts too. The initial outlay isn’t exactly super cheap, so you really have to make the most of all of your marketing streams.

Hosting events for your business is an exciting thing, and when they are done well, they become memorable. Be smart with the dates you choose and any themes and use the time to get your name out there in a huge way. Have fun, think of it as a mini holiday and soak up the rewards of all your hard work.

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