Small business ideas with low overhead costs

What’s the one thing that scares a lot of people away from starting a small business? Massive overhead costs that weigh down the company and lead to persistent losses. Keeping that in mind, here are three different small business ideas with meager overhead costs:


Content Production

Every time you surf the web, you consume content. Even if you’re just reading through a business website, that’s still web content! Where does all this come from? Some people create it themselves, but most businesses outsource content production to other companies. Therefore, why don’t you start a content production business? If you have a look at, you’ll see a few tips on how to create great content. Realistically, that’s all you need to start this business. It can be done from home too, meaning there are no office costs or anything like that. It’s a magnificently low-cost business idea that can be an excellent source of revenue. Even if you want to expand and hire helpers to pump out more content, you can hire freelancers instead of permanent employees, keeping the overheads low.


Mobile Mechanic

The majority of people own a car, particularly if you live in a densely populated urban area. As such, the majority of people will end up with car troubles at some point. What’s the worst thing about having a fault with your vehicle? Being stuck on the side of the road and being unable to drive to a garage. That’s where my idea of a mobile mechanic business comes into play. As you can see on, there are trucks you can buy that allow you to carry around working equipment and even have a mini crane attached to the back. This is perfect for a mechanic that goes about helping people in need of emergency assistance. Likewise, you can always go to peoples houses and fix their car on their driveway if they have any issues. You can do so much with this idea, and the overhead costs are very slim. You have no employees to pay for, no office; the main expense is the truck that you buy and your equipment.

Graphic Designer

This is a business idea that targets a lot of different consumers. You have businesses that need logos designed, or want a poster created to promote their company. Then, you have regular people that might want a poster created to advertise a local event that’s happening. Schools need graphic designers to create pamphlets or posters; the list goes on and on. The fact you have so many options means you shouldn’t struggle to find clients – it all rests on your design talents. Again, the overheads here are almost non-existent. Sure, you may need to invest in a good computer and a graphic design drawing tablet, but that’s really all there is.

You’ll notice that pretty much all three business ideas can be done without the need for premises or any employees. This negates two of the biggest ongoing costs for small businesses. In most cases, these ideas require a bit of spending in the beginning, then you’re good to go.

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