5 web design mistakes you may be making

In 2018, web design has the power to make or break a company’s goals, which is why getting it right is so crucial. Effective web design isn’t just about creating a website that looks good, it’s about things like the way it functions and how easy to navigate it is for users.

The key thing is that the first 10 seconds after a user lands on your website, they are impressed in some way. You see, studies show that after a user arrives on your website, you have just 10 seconds to create a good impression before they leave.

You will find plenty of articles telling you what you should do when it comes to web design in 2018 but very few that tell you what not to do. That’s where this guide comes in – below are five web design mistakes that you don’t want to make.

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  1. Having a website that is not mobile-friendly

Mistake one, your website is not mobile-friendly. This is a major problem as today, around 80% of internet users prefer to use their smartphone or tablet to view websites, which means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, it will not be nice to look at or easy to use.

  1. Using a website that takes too long to load

How long is too long? According to new research, anything over three seconds is too long when it comes to website loading times. People don’t like waiting for things and so they expect websites to load fast. If yours fails to load quickly, they’ll simply press the back button and find another site to use.

  1. Failing to incorporate SEO effectively

The truth is that SEO is a complicated area of web design, which is why it’s surprising that so many small business owners attempt to deal with this aspect of their website themselves. Instead, you should utilize the ‘contact us’ details of a local, well-known web design agency and get them to deal with your SEO for you. That way, you know that your site’s SEO is being dealt with properly.

  1. Your website is not HTTPS

You might think that websites that are ‘HTTP’ and ‘HTTPS’ are exactly the same but that’s not the truth. The ‘s’ on the end of ‘HTTPS’ stands for secure. Studies have shown that 84% of users will not use sites that are unsecure, which means that if your website doesn’t have the ‘s’ in its link, you’ve got a problem.

  1. Your site lacks transparency

If your website hides areas from users, making your website difficult to use, it will put people off. Today, the world is a busy place with many people having less time than ever before, which is why it’s crucial that your website is as simple to use as possible.

There you have it, a guide to five web design mistakes that you may be making and why it’s crucial that you make changes to ensure that these problems are swiftly rectified.

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