Boring content? Here’s how to make it more exciting

Some topics are just inherently boring to talk about. Even if you’re speaking to an audience that is interested in whatever you’re talking about, it can still be difficult to make it interesting. If you’re trying to make a dry subject more entertaining, you often need to think outside of the box. It takes some creative thinking to turn what is not very exciting and often densely-worded or full of jargon into something that people actually want to pay attention to. Have a look at some of these ideas to take your boring content and make it something that people want to consume and share.

Use Images

Making your content more visual is one quick way to dress it up. Images can serve a number of purposes, from breaking up wordy chunks of text to making some things more digestible. If you have a bunch of statistics, don’t just list them all, one after the other. Turn them into an infographic for a more visual representation of some dry numbers. Use relevant photos and graphics to support your written content too. One good way to use images is for tutorials or directions, where diagrams can support instructions that might be a little difficult to interpret without images.


Turn It Into Video

For another way to produce more visual content, turn to video. Video is extremely captivating, and gets many more shares on social media than text or images. If you find that content written down is difficult to make interesting, it’s much easier to do if you turn it into moving images. Whether it’s live action or animation, you can get a video production company onboard to help you develop a video strategy. You can use videos for instructional guides and tutorials, complicated explanations, or just advertising any product that might be a little difficult to make interesting.

Make It Relevant/Topical

You can also approach your content from a topical or timely angle to make it more engaging. Maybe you can connect it to a current news story, trend or even a meme. For example, Lucidchart makes software for creating diagrams, so they made an add with a diagram capitalizing on the current internet enthusiasm for dogs. They showcased a diagram explaining the difference between different types of doggo and pupper. You don’t need to pick a topic that necessarily relates to your brand. You just need to find the right angle.

Make It Interactive

You can also consider making your content more interactive. Instead of people simply consuming your content by reading or watching, you can add some elements that allow them to engage with it more. For example, you might include some short quizzes for them to complete after different sections. You could have a survey for people to fill out, asking people for their opinions so that they have to think more about what they have watched or read.

Just because you’re not covering the most exciting topic, it doesn’t mean it has to be completely boring. There are several ways to make things much more exciting.

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