4 tricks for getting the most out of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best tools at your disposal but it’s one that people often get wrong. If you think that it’s a simple marketing tool and you just need to fill an email with information about your products, put a link to your website on and then send it out to anyone and everyone, you’re massively underestimating how difficult it is to get right. Doing it that way might get you a few results but you won’t be getting the most out of your email marketing campaign. Read these simple tips to help you do it properly.

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Use The Right Tools

The first thing to remember is that you don’t need to do this alone, there are plenty of great email marketing tools out there that can help you. Those tools will help you to find the right people to send emails to, craft a good email that gets results and, most importantly, help you to track those results. If you’re not measuring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, you don’t know whether you’re spending your money wisely or not. If you can identify when things aren’t working, you can change strategy and try something else that does.


Newsletters are the best way to use email marketing. It’s a good way to keep customers updated about the business itself as well as the products which is good because it builds trust between you. There is some great newsletter email software out there that can help you create and distribute an amazing newsletter that is sure to get results. The beauty is, once you’ve got a template set up, it’s quick and easy to build a new letter each month and send it out, making it a very time and cost effective marketing solution.

Build A Good Subscriber List

A good subscriber list is vital for a successful email marketing campaign. Getting a lot of people on that list is part of the battle but you need to make sure you’re getting the right people. If you’re sending out emails to people that aren’t likely to be interested in any of your products, you’re just wasting time. The best way to get people on your subscriber list is a pop-up on your website. If they’re already on the site then it stands to reason that they’ll want updates from you. You shouldn’t bother with buying email lists because you’ll just get a bunch of random people that probably aren’t interested so it’s a massive waste of money.

Don’t Send Too Many

Everybody has an inbox filled with spam. Most of the emails we get are useless junk which we find incredibly annoying. You don’t want your business to be put into that category which is why you need to be conservative with the number of emails you’re sending. If you’re doing it too regularly, customers will quickly get annoyed and mark your emails as spam. Once a month is a good level, any more than that and you risk customers unsubscribing.

Email marketing isn’t as simple as it sounds but if you follow these rules, you can make it work.

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