How to overhaul your business image

There comes a time in business when you need to consider whether you should change the direction of your venture and reposition your brand in the marketplace. Today’s competitive business environment is full of challenges and changes your brand needs to react to. Whether the market conditions or your customers’ perceptions and preferences have changed, you will need to adjust your strategy to serve your market better. Below you will find a few ways of how you can change and improve your business image and reposition yourself on the market.

Social Media

You should always start with checking the social media pages of your business. Find out who your customers are and what they are looking for. Does your business serve them as well as it can, or should you make some changes in your brand image and offers to provide them with more value? If your competition has changed their strategy, this will be clearly visible on their social media accounts. Before you decide to revamp your brand,  you have to have a solid knowledge of the current and future trends in your marketplace.

Press Releases

Once you have decided to change your direction and create a unique brand that serves your customers better than before, you should start working with a professional to create press releases that let your potential and current customers know about your new venture and the developments you are going to introduce. Create a buzz about the changes you are planning to make, and get your customers and followers excited about the new direction.

Relaunch Campaign

After you have defined your future direction, it might be a good idea to hold a relaunch campaign that communicates your new values and goals with your stakeholders. You should not forget about your long term customers, your suppliers, and business partners, so create messages and printed communication materials that will provide all market players with answers to their questions. A relaunch campaign can be conducted in a local newspaper, on your blog, press release sites, or social media.

Interior and Exterior Design


With a new or renewed brand, you will also have to make changes to your office and shop design. You might want to take your business to the next decade and appear as a modern and approachable company that focuses on ethics and transparency. You can represent these values in your business premises design, if you make use of SSWM and glass materials, as well as carbon fiber.

Employee Appearance

When you run a retail store, you can rebrand your company by introducing a new uniform to represent your values and vision. This will need to fit the overall style and interior design of your business, and communicate your main messages and brand persona. You need to remember that your employees are the face of your retail business, so you have to make them represent what your brand is about.

Packaging and Labeling


Another great way of rebranding your company, when you are in retail is changing the packaging and labeling. Whether you are embracing green and sustainable initiatives and would like to use recyclable or recycled materials for your labels or packaging, or give out a more professional and premium quality image, changing your product labels and packaging offers endless opportunities. You might even redesign your logo and slogan to match your new branding messages.

New Vision, Mission, and Values Communication

Apart from the visible signs of revamping your business brand, you will have to make changes internally, as well. Without a clearly defined vision, mission, and values statement, you will not be able to create consistent marketing and branding messages. For example, you might change your shop interior, but still be remembered for the bulk merchandise you used to sell, because your marketing messages are not matching your new, youthful, unique, and creative brand personality. Changes should come from within the company, and to change your customers’ perceptions, you will have to educate your partners and employees about the planned branding overhaul.

Whether you own a shop on the high street, or an online marketing consultancy, it is important that your brand changes with the market trends. Keep on monitoring your customers’ preferences and expectations, do your research, and create a new brand persona that more people can connect with on a personal level. Pay attention to the physical appearance of your products and place, as well as your employees’ knowledge about your new vision and mission to succeed in building a strong new business image.

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