Hacks for working on the go like a pro

There are certain areas of business where you require your team members, and yourself, to work outside of the office on a regular basis. While it’s fantastic that the rise of the internet and smart technology has meant that working outside of the office is easier than ever before, for some business owners it can be a slight concern when their team members begin to spend more time outside the office than in it.

While it can be an adjustment, having your team members complete their work from outside of the office rather than in it, it’s important to realise that it’s still possible to ensure that they continue to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Want to ensure that your team are able to work on the go like all the pros do? Then read on for a guide to everything that you should know about teaching your team members how to work on the go more effectively.


Utilise cloud-based software

To make accessing essential documents and data while on the go easier for you and your team members, it’s essential that you utilise cloud-based software. The fact is that it can be a total nightmare working on the go when you can’t access vital information that you need to work, but by utilising cloud-based software that your entire team has access to, you can make it much simpler to work on the go. Whether it’s providing each team member with a cloud-based account for storing and sharing documents and data or it’s legal document templates it doesn’t matter, your team should find this software invaluable when working on the go.

Take advantage of power banks

While you’ve probably already equipped your team members with laptops rather than PCs, but what you may not have thought about is power. Yes, most coffee shops and libraries provide power outlets for charging devices, even most trains and buses now have these ports, but that doesn’t mean that there’s always guaranteed access to one. So it pays to equip your team members with personal laptop and smartphone power banks. For wifi on the go, the same principle applies, so why not give each team member a personal portable hotspot for wifi?

A lock is crucial

If there’s one thing that is seriously annoying when you’re working in a coffee shop or another remote location and need to pop to grab something, it’s having to pack up your whole work area. However, if you equip your team members with locks for their laptops that they can safely secure to something, this can make this process much less stressful.

It’s fair to say that working on the go is no easy task. In fact, there’s a lot more to the process than you would think. There’s a range of different obstacles to climb over to make working from somewhere other than the office an effective way to work, but by taking note of the hacks above, you can make doing so much easier for yourself and your team members.

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