How to fully increase customer ‘Floor turnover’

As a business leader, you must be prepared for all kinds of unexpected personal duties in the search for prosperity. For example, it can be very important to understand that simply acquiring customers might not be the end of the story. What you do with the customers, and how many you are able to receive can be very important to say the least. For this article, we are going to use the example of a restaurant. Restaurants are interested in bringing in customers yes, but also to satisfy those customers in the shortest amount of time.

This might sound anything but inhospitable, but let us ask you a question. Which is the most valuable customer to a restaurant? The regular who attends, eats a meal, and sits at an outside table for four hours with an averagely priced bottle of wine? Or the one who eats and leaves, bringing the bottle with them, allowing the table to be opened for a fresh round of meals?

Of course the latter. In businesses where hospitality isn’t as much of a priority for customers, increasing this floor turnover can be very effective at taking in more money at one time. Here’s how:

Multiple Payment Stations

Multiple payment stations, with the best credit card machine for small businesses on each, can help you take many payments at once. This can also help you get through large queues in record time, which allows consumers to feel less agitated and more satisfied with the purchase they have been able to make. Also, ensuring that these payment stations are functional can be worthwhile, as well as ensuring that they’re well stocked during the day. There’s nothing worse than an understaffed section of the store feeling burned out because you neglect to have more than two people on a desk during a busy period.


Aisles are there to display products in an easy and presentable line and to also allow customers access to add that to their card or basket. However, it can also be seen from a design perspective. For example, it’s worthwhile to increase your floor turnover by ensuring that items are clearly signposted. It can also be worthwhile to consider the maneuverable space in your store, allowing many people down the same aisles at once, and access to picking up many of the same items at once. This allows many people to stock their bags while also browsing and checking up on the new deals at the same time.

Lack Of Chairs

Charis are the insidious enemy of floor turnover. Consider how things look in a shoe store. It’s definitely understandable as to why chairs are stocked here. People need the comfort to try on shoes. However, this can become a landing pad for families to just sit there for a prolonged period of time, trying on shoes for an hour and potentially buying absolutely zero of them. Even if it might seem comforting and friendly to do so, understand that allowing your customers to sit allows them to rest, and when they rest they aren’t purchasing or considering a purchase, nor making their way to pay. It sounds like a harsh way to view your customers, but often this can mean the difference between a positive and dynamic store atmosphere and a simple place to hang out.

With these tips, you should understand the importance of increasing ‘floor turnover.’

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