What does employee motivation rest on?

Employee motivation is not a secretive art, something you must conduct an occult ritual to understand. It’s not as if a robed figure will meet you on the second blood moon of each month to gift you a reading of the archaic tome of staff motivation, but only if you spin around three times on the spot and howl atop a mountain view. This might be a very cool thing to experience, but of course, office life is rarely that exciting. However, this is also tremendously beneficial. It means that you can motivate your staff, and more than this, lend them job satisfaction by employing a few simple means.

Morning Spirits

It’s very important for your staff to feel comfortable heading into work in the morning. This is perfectly achievable, but you have to become careful to a degree. For example, ensuring that your workers enter your office space, previously cleaned the night before by officecleanz.com, will help them start and greet the day fresh, with a new and presentable workplace. If this is done correctly, your staff will largely not notice the efforts from day to day. This is good, because consider the opposite. The simple thought ‘this office could be taken care of a lot better’ is not something you want any staff member to recall or bother you with.  It should be already understood and accepted beyond anything else. Morning spirits can come in other ways too. It might be you offer free coffee each morning to get the team started and ready to face the day. An investment of pennies per employee could lead to a bright morning for everyone you hire by providing this. We’d suggest that’s absolutely worth the investment.

Upward Ability

If you can, hire internally as much as possible. Not only does it foster brand loyalty for the person in question, but every other employee sees that there is a potential for upward growth in your firm. This is especially true if you see business growth an absolute must, and your employee sees new branches or outlets, new products and new business departments being formed. It’s a slow realization one day when you realize ‘actually, I can make the most of this career.) These are the kind of dedicated and competent workers you should always take into account. However, you might not find them outside, but inside your business walls. Hire internally, keep less frequent but meaningful praise for when it really matters, and combine all this to create something truly excellent.

Personal Gain

When you provide rewards for your staff, such as financial bonuses, the ability to win sweepstakes and other personal praising prizes for an employee of the month amongst other things, you’ll notice a continual growth in performance, as staff realize they are not only there to be used, but to be celebrated. That can be enough to help some people that might be struggling with daily motivation.

With these tips, you will no doubt afford better means of keeping and improving on your employees motivation day to day.

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