Benefits of blogging for small businesses

Blogs have come a long way since they were just a way of expressing personal views and interests to a niche audience. Over the last few years, they have become an essential part of a marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes across all industries. And businesses and individuals are not spending money, time and energy on blogging just because everyone else is doing it – they are doing so because they bring significant benefits on both personal and business levels:

Personal benefits

1. Establishing your personal brand

When you are running your own business, your personal brand represents your business. So the more recognised your personal brand is, the higher visibility for your business. People will trust you more if they see your knowledge and expertise demonstrated via your blog posts.

2. Increased visibility online

The more you blog, the more you are being seen online and people will easily find you if they are looking for someone with your skills or products. Your online presence is here to stay and having your high quality blog posts being seen by the right people is a very effective way to promote yourself and your business.

3. Building your personal network of contacts

It’s not just about who you know, but about who knows you! Blogs give you extra exposure and help to build your personal networks over time. Your readers are likely to get involved in the conversation if they like what they are reading, creating engagement which you can then convert into business or personal relationships.

4. Learning something new

When you blog, you are likely to do some research on latest news and trends, or just to double check some of your own insights. But through interactions with your readers you are also able to learn something new from each of them. And knowing your audience is one of the most important success factors for your business.

5. Social selling

Social selling is exactly what the name indicates – selling your products and services with the help of social networks. And blogs are very effective to help when it comes to social selling as the provide insights that can help you establish yourself as an influencer.

Business benefits:

6. Helps drive traffic to our website

Blogs are one of the most effective SEO tools which will drive traffic to your website and help your website to show up in relevant searches. By posting a regular blog on your website, you are sending a signal to the search engine that your site is active and up to date and it will therefore be considered relevant and will appear higher in search results.

7. Gives your brand a human face

No matter how big businesses get, at the end of the day people still buy from and work with people. Having a blog helps to show your’s and your team’s personality and talent and will help your potential clients to understand what your business stands for and what’s it like to work with you.

 8. Provides content for your social media and email campaigns

Blogs are great for sharing on social media and used in your e-newsletters or other email campaigns. They provide valuable content on topics relevant to your clients and they show your knowledge and experience, as well as drive website traffic.

9. Helps to grow your social media networks

By posting relevant blogs on your social media networks, your profiles will get extra exposure and are likely to expand quicker, with more people liking and sharing your content.

10. Lead generation

Promoting your skills, experience and knowledge via your blogs and then sharing them in relevant places mean that you will reach potential new leads that could be converted into customers.

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