Direct marketing campaign ideas for small businesses

With all the focus on digital marketing and social media, approaching your potential clients via other routes can be a great differentiator for your brand. Your direct marketing campaigns are more likely to get noticed and create a long lasting impact. Other benefits include reaching new prospects, building relationships with your existing clients, promoting new offers just to name a few. The nature of direct marketing means that it’s likely to be kept for longer, and the chances are your clients will show what they received to others – especially if you are using innovative and interesting marketing materials to promote your small business.

Because direct marketing is more expensive than your digital campaigns, you are more likely to focus on a smaller targeted group of recipients – which will result in a more narrow reach, however the return on investment is likely to be much higher.

Here are a few good reasons why to consider direct marketing to promote your small business:

  • Direct mail is kept for an average of 17 days (
  • 92% of mail is opened. If done right, 92% of the readers go online after reading it – 54% to engage with social media pages (
  • Adding direct mail  to your marketing mix can increase your ROI by as much as 12% (
  • 60% of people say the best advertising mail helps keep the sender’s brand top of mind ((

To inspire you next direct marketing campaign, we found these great examples:










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