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Are you in charge of running a small business? Then you probably have too many tasks and too little time in which to do them. In fact, sometimes owners and managers of smaller companies can feel like they are stretched too thin. Happily, being in the know about the right resources can help alleviate this issue. Read on to find out more.

Free photos for your website

First of all, you may not be aware that you can get a wealth of a good quality stock photo to illustrate your website, articles, and even social media, free online. Yes, that’s right you don’t have to dedicate hours of every day learning to be a master photographer and then going out, and taking the shot yourself!

One site to make use of is pexels.com which contains a good mix of basic shots as well as some artsier filtered images that are pretty Instagram worthy.

Then there is the beautiful fancycrave.com which offer images on particular topics that are on trend right now. For example, you will find some nice typography pieces as well as groups of pictures centred around things like backpacks and palm trees too that will give your online media that contemporary edge.

You can even find a list of 15 more in our post here, just in case the first two suggestions don’t float your boat.

Invoicing companies

Next, to help you gain more time and remove some of the more tedious tasks from you plate why not consider using a service provider like umbrella company net that will invoice your customers for you? What this means is that all that hassle that come along with issuing and chasing invoices, and well as dealing with the taxman is taken out of your hands.

Something that frees you up to focus on the more creative and essential aspects of running your small business.

Free quiz makers

With the massive emphasis on interactive marketing that is going on at the moment, you may be racking your brain concerning how you can apply this to your business in a low-cost way? Well, one solution is to use some of the online tools sites that you can try for free like 4screens.net quiz-maker.

After all, these provide an excellent method to interact with your customers in a meaningful way, and you don’t need a masters degree in programming to make them work, either.

Build your business plan

Business plans are just one thing you can use online resources to help with.


Lastly, when it comes to small business nothing is more crucial than having a sound business plan. Of course, this can be something that is difficult to write, especially if you haven’t had any previous experience doing so.

Luckily, there are some fantastic resources out there such as www.score.org that provide advice and even templates to get you started. Something that can help you get your small business off the ground and ensure that it will be a sustainable concern, not just in the current market but for the long-term future as well.

It’s no wonder why we heart resources like these, is it? You probably should too!

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