The old ones are the best (For your business)! Keeping a senior customer base

While you spend a lot of time focused on your online image, from updating your blog to ensuring that your website is as user-friendly as possible, if you’re one of those businesses that have a customer base older than the average user of the internet, you might be neglecting them in many ways. It’s important to remember that the baby boomer generation, and seniors in general, makeup for more than our population than millennials. So if you are neglecting them, you might be doing your business a disservice, and need to think about ways to capture their attention, but also to keep this senior customer base. How can you do this?

Put It In Writing

Yes, it’s cheaper to send out emails, but when you are working directly with a customer base that firstly, don’t have the internet, but secondly, require time to go over details meticulously, it’s far better for you to embrace the written word. If you do not have a letter writing service, and your target market are predominantly senior members of society, it might be time to get adequate posting methods ready. Envelopes are cheap when you buy them in bulk, and if you are concerned about the cost of postage, you can take advantage of franking machines. Numerous suppliers like IMS Franking provide machines so you can do all of the postage quickly and effortlessly, saving you time when it comes to annoyingly sticking down each individual postage stamp! In addition to this, sending a customer a note when their order is on the way, or printing out brochures to give him a handy reference of what you’re selling at the moment are small gestures they will appreciate in a big way.

Hire The Right People

It’s not just about how you communicate with them from a distance, the in-store approach is something that’s many people appreciate, not just baby boomers or senior customers. Having the right people in your store that are equipped to deal with meticulous questioning, but are also patient, helps your customers to feel more confident in what they are purchasing. There’s a great disparity at the moment between senior customers and young, coltish members of staff who are more concerned about their commission than actual contact of the human kind.

Do Not Neglect The Human Approach

And it’s this human approach, consistent communication in a personal sense is going to show your customers how much you value them. Something like a phone call to enquire how a product is working for them, or even something as simple as a coupon through the post on their birthday goes above and beyond the call of duty to show you value them. A lot of seniors feel that they are left on the scrapheap, but if you value them, you will work hard at tailoring your specific approaches to make them feel part of something special.

It seems that sales is a young person’s game, but when it comes to the customer, they are far more mature and experience than most of us. So be sure that you treat them accordingly.

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