How to use Pinterest for business

Pinterest is a social media platform designed to research, learn ad shop with a help of great visual content. With 200 million monthly users, Pinterest works more like a discovery tool rather than a place to interact with others, but it can be a very effective marketing tool for your small business.

Here are a few recent Pinterest stats you should know:

  • 70% of users search, save or click on a pin
  • More than 14 million articles pinned daily
  • 93% of active users say that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • 78% of active users say it’s useful to see content from brands on Pinterest
  • Pinterest delivers $2 in profit per $1 spent on advertising
  • Active users spend 29% more on retail than those who don’t use Pinterest

It might not be your go-to social media marketing platform, but with the right approach it can increase your brand awareness and website traffic, translating into increased sales over time.

Here are a few basic tactics to get you started:

  1. Creating your profile

Setting up a Pinterest account is straightforward and only requires a few steps. The essentials include your company’s name, logo in the right resolution and size, a short bio and a link to your website. Once you filled these, it’s also a good idea to create featured boards to highlight your top pins – and you are all set. Due to Pinterest’s┬ánature, the key is to create a visually attractive profile that represents your brand and gives your visitor a feel for your products.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 13.31.19 is a great example of a Pinterest account that ticks all the boxes

2. Sharing the right content

To make your Pinterest marketing work to its full potential, it’s essential that you have a content strategy and keep perfecting it over time. Pinterest is an image-centric social network and to win and keep new followers, you should think about various types of images, such as:


Educational content is interesting and useful – even more so if it’s visual. People are constantly looking for how-to guides, but not necessarily have the time or patience to look through blogs or videos. Bite-sized information is quick to digest and such visuals are ideal for sharing and driving visitors to your website.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 15.12.58
Recipe pin example from Deliciously Ella


Infographics and factoids are one of the most shared content types on social media. Everyone loves data and if you can link it back to your business, you have a pin worth saving and sharing.

Infographics example by Fitbit using some of their own data to drive brand awareness


This is what most active users are looking for – to be inspired. They search for ideas on anything from travel to home decorations. So any visual demonstration of your products and services which can provide pinners with inspiration is a great way to market your business.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 16.35.09
A few board examples created by John Lewis with home decor ideas

3. Optimising your pins

Pinterest is a very effective SEO tool, so make sure you use relevant keywords and hashtags. You can use up to 20 hashtags per pin – think of relevant, niche hashtags users are likely to search for. You should stick to an aspect ratio of 2:3 for your photos and describe them in a way that encourages users to click through to your website. You have 500 characters to work with, so use it to highlight particular details of your content.

4. Setting your objectives

As with any social media marketing activity, setting your objectives is essential to make it work for you. Your objectives can be linked to brand awareness, website traffic, follower growth or sales increase – anything that works with the nature of your small business. Keep track of your ROI over time to establish what works well and what needs improvement.

5. Adding Pinterest on to your website

To encourage your visitors to check out and follow your account, add a Pinterest widget on to your website. If you have shareable visual content available on your website, add a Pinterest sharing button too to encourage your visitors to spread the word.

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