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It hasn’t always been the easiest for creative folk to earn money from their passions and skills. Unless you made it big by writing a best selling novel, getting a record label with your music or scoring a newspaper column as a journalist then there wasn’t much opportunity to earn cash. However these days it’s all different, and thanks to the internet creative people have a huge advantage and can monetise their skills- whether it’s for a side hustle or full time business.


If you’re a skilled writer, you’ll be in high demand and can earn a good living doing this from home. Websites and business blogs always need content written by those who know what they’re doing meaning there’s always work here. You could sign up to a freelancing site and bid on jobs that way. You could set up your own website and create a business offering article writing and proofreading amongst other things. You could start a blog of your own and monetise this. Sponsored opportunities that companies offer bloggers tend to pay well, although it will take some time to get your site established and earning money. Start as a hobby with the aim to earn money later down the line.


Whether you’re a website designer, app designer, cartoonist or interior designer, you have the opportunity to create a business based on your skills. You could work from home selling your creations through your own site or through an online marketplace, or in the case of garden or interior designers you could be going out to people’s homes. Make sure you have the right software, is one example. This will really help you within your role and give you the best chance of your business becoming a success.


Baking businesses can be a fantastic, fun way to earn money with your creativity. People will always need cakes for special occasions; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more so you shouldn’t be short on work if you promote yourself in the right way. With some simple health and safety changes to your kitchen (such as using a separate fridge for home and work) you could do this from home, or you could hire commercial premises and work from a professional kitchen instead.


There are lots of ways you can get creative in beauty. Take makeup artists for example, hairdressers and nail technicians. These all allow you to create something wonderful while helping people to feel beautiful. You could work from home, hire a chair in a salon on work mobile. You could be working with bride and hen parties, groups of girls before nights out, proms and much more. If you can get groups of people in one evening you can earn a good chunk of money, especially if you’re working mobile as you will only need to travel to one place instead of many.

Creatives, how do you earn money with your skills and passions? Have you considered any of these ideas?

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