Infographic: How businesses use Instagram stories

This is an infographic created by 99firms.

Ever since it was released back in 2016, Instagram Stories became the best tool that companies can use to bring the backstage footage and promote their brands to the customers.

Whether by redirecting them to a shoppable page, another social platform, a blog post, or a campaign page, brands try to take the customers closer to their products.

The fact that there are 300 million active daily users of Stories shows why this feature has become so attractive to companies.

Family owned winery based in Marlborough, New Zealand, is an example of a company which uses Instagram Stories and gets the best out of it. It used ads in to capture the attention of a new part of the United States market. This resulted in decreasing its cost-per-post engagement by 63% and increased people taking action by 32%.

Let’s take a look at some statistics regarding business usage trends.

  • 24% of businesses rank Story engagement as a measure of success.

  • 88% of businesses state that they want to increase posting to Instagram Stories in 2018.

  • 30% of businesses plan to create Instagram Stories ads in 2018.

Thousands of companies are already using Instagram Stories. The infographic below depicts how 39 big brands are using it and the results that it brings them. Check it out!

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