Interactive SEO tips to ensure boost in organic traffic in 2018

Keeping ahead of shifting trends

Mobility has reached a point in modern society where people are abandoning traditional means of living which include investing in a given property and building equity. People like to move today, and they are increasingly pursuing a lifestyle that sends them to and fro across the globe. Living mobile doesn’t have to feel mobile, either; that’s one reason for this shift. Another is the advance of technology.

The smartphone you have in your pocket, or on which you’re reading this very blog, has more computational ability than all of NASA when they were sending a man to the moon. What is all this vast computational potential used for? Candy Crush. Social Media. Making purchases or paying bills on the fly, and navigation to new places.

Smartphones connect people more today than perhaps ever, and there is a demand for interactivity which is conveniently matched to mobile devices. This demand is in terms of lifestyle and technology. Accordingly, if you’re going to be relevant, your SEO outreach plan must include the mobile component. 2018 is seeing increasing mobility in tech and lifestyle; should your website not be mobile-enabled, you’re leaving money on the table.

Additionally, many users of the web are becoming savvy to older advertisement techniques. As technology progresses forward and trends shift, this is naturally going to happen. Unless you’ve got an interior division of your company devoted to remaining ahead of the trends, solutions your business can affect itself won’t hold a candle to that which you can outsource.

Interactive considerations

Check out some of the best social media advertising tools | Melbourne Media Consulting on the market, working with such agencies can be essential in ensuring you maximize your SEO. You’ve got to be able to measure the success of your outbound efforts. Things like off-site analytics are integral in helping you ensure you’re having an impact.

That said, in terms of SEO, there’s only so far you can take certain techniques. You’re going to come to a point where you’ve got to focus on your content. You need engaging, value-rich content; and it helps if you’ve got some interactive component—especially in today’s mobile arena, where touchscreens are king.

One way to design interactive content that will organically increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking is to design mobile applications. For example, if you were in real estate, you might design a mortgage calculator that includes links to your website, or other materials.

Other common methods of interactive content design which can help you increase your ranking in search engines include assessments like personality tests or fun quizzes, image galleries, surveys, polls, video that’s interactive and provides the viewer choice, contests or sweepstakes, mobile video games which advertise what you do, interactive white papers with graphics that expand concepts when clicked or tapped, or even interactive infographics that do the same.

Optimizing interactive content

As you can see, the interactive process of SEO optimization is a bit more involved than meta-tagging or traditional text-based content; but it’s also apt to produce higher returns in terms of traffic. Interactive content combines both the visual and the textual to communicate concepts more quickly and clearly.

It’s important to keep data on your interactive content, and monitor it more closely than you would traditional content, as it costs more. You’ll want to link to it, and publicize it. It’s no good to simply publish something, there must be some level of promotion. A book can be published for a hundred dollars and never read by anybody. But properly promote it, and it and it could be a New York Times best seller.

Maximize your investment in interactive SEO solutions by marketing them to your demographic in other forms of content, and through varying links. Also, ensure that before you do any publicity of this kind, you ensure the interactive content you’ve designed works as advertised.

If you’ve got some really cool mobile investment calculator or quiz, but it takes forever to load, or is sluggish in one way or another, you’re going to discourage users from interacting with it. People have a decreased attention span today. Time magazine compares us to goldfish. Unwelcome as this reality is, it’s one which must be contended with for the greatest success in marketing.

Rounding out your content strategy

A good plan is to round out your existing content strategies with interactive solutions. Don’t do a total conversion; just figure out a few things which are applicable to your business directly, and qualitative to your demographic. Figure out which of those things is the most tangible, and work with an agency providing SEO solutions to inform your decision.

Once you have all that figured out, launch your mobile content in a way which includes the mobile component, and which is carefully monitored to ensure both operational ability, and prospect engagement. An interactive content creation plan is onboard to be the new normal; getting involved now, in 2018, may just give you competitive edge.

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