No matter what your business, IT has become fundamental to success

Everyone is a tech company these days. Businesses have websites, conduct business via email, use an answerphone service to filter calls, use CRM systems to convert consumers… the list is endless.

While IT may not be the central notion of your business and it could even seem to be almost hidden from view – it is fundamental to your success in the 21st century. Since people started carrying computers in their pockets, IT soared in importance and now affects everything from your marketing strategy to your profit.

IT Affects Your Brand Image

Your brand is made up of a few different things. Your logo, your store, the way you communicate, the audience you are appealing to and all of these things apply when you are online too. You need to manage your brand image across your website and communications as well as figure out how to use social media to your advantage.

With this in mind, you may wish to consider outsourcing your IT to a company offering managed IT services. This is for two reasons: firstly because having an IT manager will take the pressure off you should anything go wrong and secondly because if you want to put a professional image forward, you will need a professional to do that for you.  

IT Brings You Consumers

If you want to buy something or require a service, what is the first thing you do? Obviously, you Google it. In fact, ‘to Google’ was added to both the OED and Merriam Webster in 2006 because the verb became so popular. 12 years later and nothing has changed.

If you are going on the internet to find stuff, you can guarantee that your target audience are too. This means that you need to present yourself there and make it easy for them to convert into paying customers. Social media, listings on directories and a highly ranking website are all good ways to bring your brand to the masses but social ads and Google ads should be part of your marketing portfolio too.

IT Makes You Profit

Now people have found you online, having a sensible and effective conversion funnel is key to turning interest into purchase and IT is the only way to do this. Lots of businesses use similar software to achieve the same results but if you have a more complex business model, you may wish to approach a developer to create software just for you.

While IT may be a sizeable investment, it is by far the best way to increase your profits. Social ads alone will bring a lot more traffic to your site and as long as you are persuasive and it is easy to pay, you can’t go far wrong. If there is one area where speculation is vital to accumulation, IT is it.

Whatever your business is, IT will always be the foundation of your mission. From a listing on Google Maps to help people find you to a fully automated system that saves your staff valuable time, IT is going to lead to big things.

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