The Invisible Entrepreneur: Making your small business run by itself

It’s the ideal end result. Whether you are working at marketing your small business or building everything from the ground up, where you have a hand in every single process, it would be amazing if, one day, the business can run by itself without your input. When we hit this point, we can achieve true freedom in our business dealings and in life. But when we have minimal finances and resources, what can we do to get towards this desired solution?

Make Yourself Invisible

If you really want your business to function without you, you have to make yourself as invisible as possible. The fact is, at the very outset, everything passes by you for your honest opinion. So, you have to find ways to force your business to work without you. Whether this means delegating the majority of your duties or taking regular vacations, this may sound very strange, but it’s the only way for you to actually discover if the business can function without your input.

Implement The Appropriate Technology

Automation is the word on everybody’s lips when it comes to getting a business to run by itself. Automation has a multitude of uses, even without employees’ input. You can implement premium Google Ads scripts by PPCnerd to ensure that your Google Ads are automated, or you can introduce CRM systems into the business, ensuring that the back-office functions are catered for completely, but if you really want to develop a self-sustaining business that doesn’t necessarily have to function without your input, automation is vital. Nowadays, we can get so much done without human input that we don’t even have to work in the office! Meaning that we can actually take time away from the working environment. And this leads nicely to the next point…

Test The Company

We may like the idea of our company being self-sustaining, but only in theory. When push comes to shove, we might not want to part with our business so easily. But it’s important to test whether the company can function without you. What would happen if you were suddenly unwell? Would everything have to stop? This isn’t an ideal circumstance to be put into. So while automation can work wonders in this respect, you need to think about testing this, possibly without prior warning, just to see if your business can keep afloat. Working remotely is one of the simple ways to keep away from the office, and realize how important you are (or are not) to the process.

But for a business to truly run by itself, we can’t view ourselves as the most important piece of the puzzle. But when we are beginning a company, or we’ve actually built it up, and spent countless months or years bringing it to fruition, parting with it may not be very easy. In this respect, you have to decide what your goals are at the very beginning. To make a business run by itself takes a lot of time and effort from you, but when the moment comes, you may not be willing to part with it.

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