Go big with your small business at the next trade show

A tradeshow is a big deal for any new business. It’s your chance to gain the attention that you deserve on the market and potentially gain interest from investors who could help catapult your company to the next level. But you’ll probably only get one chance to do this. Attending a trade show isn’t typically cheap, and it could certainly cut a sizeable dent into your starting business budget. That’s why you have to make sure you are taking the right steps here to win big. This is all about ensuring that your company stands out in what is almost certain to be a competitive environment.

Start Before The Show

The first tip we can offer is to make sure that you are investing in marketing that attendees will notice before they even reach the show. There are a few options. First, do take advantage of social media. Send out videos, images and other content based around your preparation for the tradeshow and to build excitement or interest that you are attending. You might find that you catch the eye of at least a few attendees by doing this, but don’t stop once you reach the floor. Use live feeds and other marketing techniques to continue to peak their interest.

You may also want to think about investing in marketing space around transport links. Remember, a lot of attendees will be coming in by plane or rail. If you invest in some billboard space or even just put up flyers, you might be able to win some additional interest.  

Customise And Personalise


Next, do make sure that you make your marketing inside the tradeshow completely unique. You can do this by investing in a custom exhibition stand. If you work with an exhibition stand contractor, you will be able to build a stand that perfectly matches your business and really stands out beautifully. It can have 3D graphics, colorful templates and much more. By doing this, you can definitely catch the eyes as people pass by your stand. This could be the difference between a trade show success and a trade show disaster.

Use The Senses

Don’t forget, that it’s not just about what attendees can see but also what they can smell or hear. Baked goods are a common gimmick for trade shows. You can decorate these with the logo of your business or leave them blank. It doesn’t matter, it’s the smell that’s important. The smell of baked goods should bring people flocking to your stand and make sure that you get a lot of attention. Okay, they won’t be there to see your product, but you can soon change that once they are in the vicinity.

Great Tech

Last but not least do think about using technology as part of your marketing. In particular, fresh, innovative concepts such as VR work well at tradeshows and provide attendees with a completely immersive experience, guaranteed to captivate their imagination.  

We hope you find this information helpful and that you use it to win at your next tradeshow.

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