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Today, no matter what business you are in, the importance of digital marketing is critical to your success.  However, it can be a jungle out there when it comes to marketing your business online with so much content being created each minute, some of which will compete with your own, and social media notifications all vying for your attention – getting through to people on a meaningful level can be challenging.

The phenomenon of information overload is very prevalent in today’s society; meaning people are so overloaded with content, marketing messages, social media notifications that they are over stimulated to the point they switch off.  

For this reason, a robust digital marketing strategy is vital to your success and the heart of that strategy should lie the word “relevance”.  See, relevance is the cure-all when it comes to marketing; as this has the power to cut through the “standby mode” the majority of people adopt to deal with information overload.  

That said, is it true that you can have a very relevant and engaging campaign that doesn’t deliver the results you seek?  You bet it is, and this often comes down to poor management – which in itself often comes down to business owners that feel overloaded themselves in terms of all the things they have to do within the realm of digital marketing.  Indeed, it can feel like a fulltime job and many people outsource their social media tasks to virtual assistants for this reason.

However, whilst virtual assistants can be very handy, a much cheaper and more reliable form of outsourcing is to outsource to technological systems that you can leverage to automate your digital marketing.  

These automated tools are different to what is offered by the Scarlett Group who focus more on IT solutions, as they tend to be developed by SAAS providers (software as a service) and have on specific purpose (e.g. sending out marketing emails) rather than the more holistic approach offered by IT solution providers.

This means, you will need to use multiple tools, and in that vein, this article looks at some of the best tools available to help you save time and money when it comes to digital marketing.

See, that’s what we sometimes miss, as business owners – time is the most valuable and finite resource on earth.  You cannot make more of it. Yet, so many business owners are wrapped up in their social media accounts and digital marketing campaigns they are trapped in a state of reaction, almost addicted to their device, in order to keep the conversation alive or ensure people are liking and following their posts.

As a result of leveraging tools this will free up your time and also provide peace of mind in the sense that you know things are being taken care of without you constantly living in a state of reaction to your phone or laptop.

Let’s now take a look at three of the best tools to save you time and money when it comes to digital marketing.


There are plenty of time-starved business owners that still send out emails individually; which is so time consuming it’s hard to see how they have time to do anything other than this.  

Now, there are times when a personal email is required, but if you have two hundred customers, for instance, and you’re sending out a promotional email, then you do not want to be sending this manually – you want a system in place, that can automatically send out this email to your contacts (or specific lists within your contacts) at a time you set (which can vary depending on your customer’s location) then leave the system to send it.

In this sense, there are tools such as MailChimp that can automatically send out customer receipts, invoices, product offers and so on – meaning, you don’t need to be living in a state of reaction.  It also tends to be more secure, which is a significant issue in today’s online climate where cybersecurity is a big issue.


Managing your social media campaigns can be extremely time consuming, particularly if you are having to personally respond to each comment so that the conversation stays alive.

You can rely on apps such as hootsuite and buffer to automate social media posts – which is particularly good if you’re busy during the day.  For instance, if you are talking at an event, or perhaps at a trade show the whole day – you don’t have time to be posting on Facebook, so you can let these apps submit the posts for you, at a pre-scheduled time.


Your marketing funnel is the terms used to describe the entry points and process users go through from first finding out about you to becoming a customer.  This tends to be made up of several stages through which people move from initial awareness of your brand through to becoming a paying customer.

People will often be brought into the ‘funnel’ by a lead magnet.  This could be a facebook ad that offers something of value, such as a free course or video series on a particular problem your target audience faces.

In return for their email address the user gets access to a free course – thus, you now have a “warm lead” plus you are generating credibility and brand awareness through the value created in the free course.

You can easily create landing pages using a drag and drop landing page builder which means you don’t need to learn code and there are tools such as ClickFunnels that offer an integrated approach of marketing funnels.

In summary, a marketing funnel is the process of attracting someone to visit your site, and then converting this visitor into a paying customer.  The sequence tends to start with a free offer that provides value to the customer (rather than an advertisement of your product) which leads to a squeeze page that gathers contact information whilst providing access to the free course you are promoting – at which point, the user is automatically added to your email list and can then receive targeted emails where you build a profitable relationship over time.

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