Clever ways to repurpose old speakers

If you have ever had a set of speakers, you will know how much of a difference they can make to things like parties and evenings in watching a movie with the family. If you have had speakers for a long time which are old and in need of a revamp, here are some of the ways you can repurpose them this year for fun!

Make an alarm clock

If you want to make sure that you wake up fore thing in the morning you can use your speakers as an alarm clock by wiring them up to connect with your phone and switch on every morning. Using a Piezo Transducer will ensure you get the best sound to get you out of bed and it will definitely be worth it for that morning run.

Create a jukebox

If you think your old speaker set is plain and boring, one of the fun things you can do with them is make them into a jukebox which will allow you to play your favourite songs on a much bigger scale and the speakers themselves will look so much better than they did. There are a few ways you can do this so make sure to look on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Create surround sound

There’s nothing better than having a movie on at home and being able to channel the sound all the way around the room so that it feels as if you are in the cinema watching it in HD. Creating surround sound in your living room is as easy as bringing the speakers to different parts of the room and plugging them in. You can enjoy all your favourite blockbusters with that extra layer of epic which only the movies can provide.

Upgrade the car

Sick of not being able to listen to music in the car because the radio always breaks? No more worries, you can listen to whatever you like now by using the parts from your speakers to vamp up the sound in your car and make it sound awesome from inside and out. Make sure you get someone to come and help you with it to make sure you do it right and you will be able to enjoy awesome sound cruising down the motorway.

Make it into a retro radio

For a pair of black speaker which look like something that every early 2000s kid had? No more! All you need is a box and some paint to cover up your drab speakers and turn them into a red retro classic radio. It will be an item you are happy to have on display in the house and to take out with you to parties.

There are lots of really fun ways to revamp your old speakers this year so just play around with them and see what you can do. It is always better

To try and make changes than to simply leave it and throw it away!

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