7 effective social media post ideas for small businesses

The success of your social media marketing comes down to the quality of the content you are sharing, the timings and frequency of your posts and the level of interactions. Keeping your online presence regular with interesting and insightful posts helps to build your brand and grow your follower numbers, which then indicates how influential your business might be.

According to Sprout Social, social media accounts for roughly 1 in every 3 minutes users spend on the internet, which makes social media just the right place to be to build your brand. The fact that it’s so popular also means that competition is high and it takes more than just posting a promotional update here and there – to build and maintain your brand on social media you need to stand out in the ever-growing crowd. If you are struggling to come up with relevant posts, here are a few ideas that might keep your followers engaged and hopefully attract many new ones:

1. Promote a new product or service

If you are about to launch a new product or service, in addition to the traditional marketing channels, you should definitely consider running a social media campaign to build awareness. Adding a story about why and how this new addition has come to life will bring your brand closer to your potential customer and help you stand out.

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2. Discuss a relevant topic

Engaging in social conversations creates a lot of interactions and has an ability to spread the word on to new audiences as your followers join the discussion. You will learn from your audience and be able to showcase your own expertise.

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3. Share your customers’ feedback

If there is anything that builds trust with new customers, it is recommendations and positive feedback from your current ones.  So share the good things you customers got to say about you!

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4. Share your followers’ posts

Very often, your products and services will be promoted on social media by your customers, without you being aware. You should take advantage of the extra exposure and re-share relevant posts – it will make your brand more real and your customers more engaged.

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5. Ask for feedback

The more you engage your followers in the process of defining and fine-tuning your products and services, the more you will understand how they think and buy and it will give you a competitive advantage – you are working with the views of your potential customers in mind, not just your own!

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6. Run a competition

Who doesn’t like to win? Start a simple competition, with simple rules such as sharing a post, signing up to a mailing list or tagging a friend in order to take part in the competition. It’s a very effective way to expand your following and increase engagement on social media.

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7. Promote special offers

If you are running a promotion, social media is the best place to spread the word. Be clear about the rules of the promotion and how your followers can use it. And then wait for them to tell others.

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