The real value of promotional branding

Are you one of the many people who quite happily take a freebie when it’s offered to you? Whether you’re at an event, walking through a shopping centre or you’re at a conference, chances are you’re easily swayed by the prospect of a free pen or a tote bag. Promotional branding can be a very effective tool for your business, and if you haven’t considered using it before, perhaps it’s time you gave it a try.


Learn more about the real value of promotional branding and what it can do for your business below.

They help you build your brand

Branding is an important part of marketing your business, helping you to create a recognisable brand identity and separate you from your competition. Creative, innovative branding can be reflected in everything from your logo to your company’s tone of voice. Having some promotional freebies that reflect your brand can help you to create that brand recognition from your customers or clients.

They can start a conversation

Generating new business isn’t always easy, especially when you’re at a trade show or event competing with many other businesses. Having a giveaway or a freebie gives you the chance to start a conversation, especially if the freebie needs to be ‘earned’ by filling out a survey or an interaction on social media. There are many kinds of innovative original and unique freebies you can offer that will make a great conversation starter to help you make contact with some potential new clients.

They’re affordable

Promotional branding can be extremely affordable, with some great options suitable for small businesses. Promo Gallery pens are a great example of an affordable promotional product that can have many uses for your business. Whatever your budget, you’ll be sure to find a promo item to suit your needs. With many promotional branding purchases, the more you order, the cheaper the cost per unit, meaning you could save more money by ordering in bulk.

They help people to remember you

Giving away promotional items can have long-term value, helping people to remember you when the time comes for them to need your services. Having a reminder of you on their desks or at home with your contact details will help you to keep generating business long after you’ve handed out the items.

They can help encourage customer retention

It’s important for businesses to build strong customer retention. Offering promotional products to your existing customers shows that you care and can help them to maintain an interest in your products and services. There are many types of customer retention strategies you can use with promotional branding being one of the more affordable options.

Promotional products can help businesses of all sizes to build recognition and grow their customer base. If you’re looking for more great marketing ideas, why not try these five marketing tips for small businesses? They could be a real asset in helping your business to take off!

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