How to convert visitors into customers

One of the greatest challenges in business is found in converting visitors to your website into paying customers, and the mistake many people make is that they focus on the sale first – meaning they straight away launch into requesting the visitor buys something, rather than taking the time to build a relationship.

This situation can be likened to dating; there needs to be a relationship of trust and rapport built up before you suggest staying over together – you don’t meet someone and straight away suggesting getting into bed.  

Similarly, when it comes to marketing and selling from your website, you need to first build rapport, create a connection and provide value to the visitor before they will be in a position to purchase.

Indeed, the majority of sales training is focused on the communication leading up to the sales close rather than focusing on the closing techniques in isolation.  In that vein, this article looks at three of the core steps you need to do prior to trying to sell to your customer.


People only buy from those that they trust and respect, yet one of the most vital components of gaining this trust and respect is to be perceived as an authority figure within your area of expertise.  The best way to assert your authority, in a value added way, is to teach and educate your audience – offering solutions to their challenges by being seen as a reliable and authoritative source of knowledge.


Rapport is everything when it comes to face-to-face selling, yet online, it’s just as important albeit harder to achieve.  The best way to achieve it is through some form of video engagement as this way they can get a feel for who you are, as a person and connect with your character – it’s also a lot easier and quicker to consume than written content.


In sales psychology today, the focus is on what you “give”, meaning the value you create prior to asking for a sale.  For instance, if you were to be selling an information product or web design service – it would be good to first offer something to your visitor that encourages them to reciprocate by purchasing something from you, for instance, you could offer a free version of the course or a free consultation.

The one thing you will want to do in this area, however, is ensure you provide massive value to the visitor rather than merely use it as an opportunity to sell to them or promote the value of your services.  Instead, you want to offer them something of genuine value to their lives.

In summary, you need to assert authority, build rapport and engage the psychological principle of reciprocation.  The best way to do all these things, in one go, is to offer your customers a free video training course – as this activates the principle of reciprocation, offers the chance to develop rapport and certainly builds your authority within the subject are you are discussing.

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