How to give your business an edge with colour psychology

This is an infographic created by DesignAdvisor

Have you ever thought about the significance of colour? Without colour, this world would be a dreary place indeed. It permeates every sphere of our lives to the extent that many idioms and sayings in the English language include some sort of colour reference – think ‘true blue’, ‘green thumb’, ‘tickled pink’ and many more. When it comes to web design, colour choice is crucial if you want to get the desired response from your users. DesignAdvisor has explored this topic in detail and created an infographic called ‘40 Facts About How Psychology of Colour Can Boost Your Website Conversions.’

Most people have a favourite colour, but besides these personal preferences, studies have shown that certain colours tend to incite similar reactions in humans across the board. This is often an unconscious response, but it nevertheless profoundly affects thoughts and emotions, ultimately informing behaviour and actions. For example, purple is viewed as a ‘royal’ colour and associated with wealth and power, while white and silver speak of perfection. Looking to generate excitement? Red is an excellent choice, as it’s been shown to increase observers’ heart rates. Blue is a calming colour and one which fosters feelings of trust, while green is reminiscent of growth and the beauty of nature.

This intriguing infographic outlines some of the most popular brand colours and explains which shades work best in different industries, and which ones to avoid. It also gives examples of some interesting case studies and stats demonstrating the importance of the colour of the CTA button. So if you are designing your new website or looking to revamp your existing one, it’s well worth looking into colour psychology. Find out the meaning conveyed by the colours you choose and hone your message accordingly. This infographic will give you the low-down on everything you need to know about colour psychology to elevate your conversions.

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