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How many seconds does your website need to load fully? And how many are you willing to wait for a web page to display the info you are looking for? Based on the statistics curated by, the answer to the second question should be a surprisingly low number. Most users leave websites that need more than five seconds to display.

It’s not that long of a period, really, but online time flows differently. Users expect everything to be optimised to perfection, to be quick and responsive, without any hiccups along the way. This rings particularly true when shopping is concerned. Over 50% of online shoppers in the US say that they abandon shopping carts that take too long to load. Slow checkout process is the number one reason for failed purchases and the revenue loss industry-wide is significant. Annually, $18 billion dollars in purchases are missed because of abandoned shopping carts. Judging by the numbers, at least half of the losses can be contributed to the lack of speed.

Sluggish web pages affect non-commercial sites too. Slow responsiveness increases manifold the chance for users to simple abandon the site for good. Navigating away – or bouncing away – from a page reduces its credibility, lowers its ranking with the search engines, and makes people avoid it, in general.

Slow website translates directly into poor user experience, which has many repercussions. As few as 60 seconds can be the difference between happy, returning visitors and disappointed, annoyed users who not only leave your website but are likely to spread the word about its poor performance. Additionally, the mobile version of your site needs optimisation because more and more users browse the web exclusively through their portable devices.

Check out the detailed infographic below to acquire a better understanding of the collateral damage slow speed online can cause. It is no joke, especially if you care about your website and the community around it.

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