Making payroll easy

Payroll is a pain. When it comes to running a new business you will always aim to grow and develop into your own entity in the market. Part of this growth will usually involve hiring staff for the office who can perform different tasks and launch you to success. One of the things which can be annoying when hiring staff is setting up the payroll system, and this is why we have a few ways to make this easier for you this year.

Salary over hourly

If you want to make your payroll as simple as it can possibly be you will want to pay your wages as a salary instead of hourly. Salaried wages mean that the employee is paid a fixed rate every year no matter what hours they work. It makes things a lot easier when working out costs and it can make the process of payroll ten times easier for you at the end of each month.

Use software

The best way to make payroll a little more simple to manage is to take advantage of all the new technology which has come our way in the last 10 years or so. Computers are so advanced these days that anything is possible and new tools are being created every single day to make life easier for us. Using a handy software for your payroll services can make life so much easier and it will allow you to get on with your working day safe in the knowledge that the hard work is being done for you.

Keep records

It is SO SO important that you keep a record of absolutely everything in your business. This will include money you spend on software, on staff, on holidays and other activities to do with the business. As a business owner you need to know who has worked how many hours and what days they were off. This will mean thinking about making a record of attendance for your employees to better track their working habits.

Calculate Tax

Tax is always going to be a thorn in your side when calculating your payroll but it isn’t as difficult as you may initially think. Calculating your tax is as simple as finding the HMRC tool and plugging in the numbers. It can seem more complex than it is but there are so many tools you can use to make it easier for you overall.

Outsource it 

If in doubt, source it out. Honestly, if the idea of sitting down to sort out your payroll each month sends a shiver down your spine then the best thing you can do is outsource the job to someone else. A colony such as will be able to manage the process for you and this will take a lot of weight off your mind when you are thinking about running your business. With a professional group of people handling the task for you you’ll have time to do other things and it will be amazing.

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