50 small businesses you can start on your own

Are you someone who is looking to start a new venture that feeds your passion? With so many innovative ideas to earn money, it has become easier to build a business from scratch. While some might require just an internet connection, others ask for vocational skills and licensing. However, you can kickstart most of these from the comfort of your home.

Check out the list of 50 business ideas that you can start on your own without having to spend a fortune.

1.     Freelance Writing

If you know how to play with words, it is quite easy to start your writing business. A computer and internet connection can get you started with online freelancing.

2.     Social Media Expert

Who doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram? Scan websites with a social media presence and offer them social media marketing services to manage their accounts. Take online certified courses by Google or Twitter to enhance your skills.

3.     Graphic Designer

Companies hire freelance graphic designers who can help them promote their brand. If you are good at Photoshop or Illustrator, you can design their logos, advertisements, newsletters, and more.

4.     Baking

If you are a foodie and enjoy baking, you can create and sell customized cakes for special events. Promote your artistic work online or start a Facebook page to attract customers.

5.     Blogging or Vlogging

Whether it is cooking, travel, fashion or DIY tricks, start a website or a YouTube channel. You can turn your hobby into a business through blogging or vlogging.

6.     Resume Writer

Know how to craft impressive resumes? Then utilize your skill and help people get their dream job. The work includes writing, designing, editing, and proofreading to create an effective resume. 

7.     Event Coordinator

Organizing a big event is not an easy task. Hence, people hire event coordinators to help them plan and organize college reunions or office parties. You can market your project planning services online and start off small in your local areas.  

8.     Tutoring

If you majored in math, history, science, or any other subject, you can tutor children or adults. Thanks to the internet, you can even offer your services online to a larger audience.

9.     Wedding Planner

If you daydream about weddings and bridal magazines excite you, then you should get into wedding planning. Promote your services offline at wedding venues and online through a blog or website.

10.  Website Design

Approach small businesses and offer your services to design a website for them. Help them create a minimalistic web presence to promote their business.

11.  Bookkeeping

If you are exceptionally good with numbers, you can be a bookkeeper. You could help your clients create balance sheets, income statements, and financial reports.

12.  Digital Marketing

Marketing is relatively easy to begin. If you know how to write effective SEO-friendly marketing copy, you can help companies transform their visitors into customers.

13.  Application Developer

Got a unique idea for a new app? Develop your new application from anywhere in the world and promote it online using the suitable marketing strategy.  

14.  Public Speaking

Are you a good orator who can influence people? Then public speaking might be the perfect opportunity for you.

15.  Teaching Music

You love music and know how to play a musical instrument? Combine your passion and skills and teach others how to play or start your own music studio.

16.  Virtual Assistant

Although it is not an interesting job, it pays quite well. You just have to check and reply to emails, create a task list, and perform administrative tasks for your clients.

17.  Website Developer

Incorporate your web-building skills to create powerful websites for your clients. Help them drive traffic to their website in order to make sales.

18.  Desktop Publisher

Create promotional materials such as newsletters, books, and magazines using various publishing software.

19.  Tax Consultant

If you have relevant experience and skills, you can help companies with their taxes, allowing them to focus on their regular tasks. 

20.  Translator

If you are proficient in multiple languages, you can earn a lot of money working as a translator. With no capital to begin, translators are in demand globally.  

21.  Editorial Services

If you have strong writing and editing skills, you can offer a variety of editorial services. From multinationals and startups to students and authors, you can work an editor, proofreader, or a writer.

22.  Business or Life Coach

Promote your services as a business or life coach and help people improve their personal and professional lives.

23.  Affiliate Marketing

Easier to start, affiliate marketing involves advertising a product or service of a company. The better the sales, the higher your commission is.

24.  Secretarial Services

Drawing similarities with a virtual assistant. Secretarial services revolves around scheduling meetings, replying to emails, updating task lists, and more.

25.  Tailoring Services

If you know how to hem or modify clothes, you can make a business out of sewing and alteration services.

26.  Jewellery Making

If you have patience and an eye for detail, you can earn profits by selling your handcrafted jewelry.  

27.  Interior Decoration

Love designing homes? Fascinated by interior design magazines? Help people decorate their homes and enhance their interiors.

28.  Gardening Services

Create a beautiful front yard and fresh produce for people through your gardening skills. If you are well-equipped with planting, this is an easy venture to start.

29.  Exercise or Yoga Instructor

A wonderful opportunity for those who are in good shape. You can train people at a gym or become a personal trainer.

30.  Online Dating Consultant

Become an online dating consultant and help people find their Mr. or Mrs. Right.

31.  Internet Security Consultant

Businesses hire internet security consultants to combat security threats like hacking or scamming.

32.  Flipping Websites

Identify websites that need improvement, modify it using your web development skills, and sell it.

33.  Financial Advisor

Small businesses seek financial advice to start off right. Help them make the right decision financially.

34.  Video Production

From creating advertisements to editing music videos, you can create high-quality videos using your videography skills.

35.  Professional Photography

Love capturing moments? Invest in a good camera and get paid for clicking pictures for a family or business event, wedding, and more.

36.  Computer Trainer

If you are well-versed with PC and Mac, you can teach seniors how to operate computers and use the internet.

37.  Personal Chef

If you love cooking and can travel, this is a wonderful opportunity for you. Prepare meal plans and cook for people who have quite professional and personal lives.

38.  Pet Trainer or Groomer

Prefer animals over humans? People hire trainers who can take their pets for walking, cleaning, or grooming for a good bit of money.

39.  Laundry Services

Offering home-based laundry services is an easy way to earn money from home. Advertise your services and expand your business.

40.  Caregiving

Caregivers are professionally trained experts who help senior citizens with their daily chores from cleaning to preparing their meals.

41.  Renting a Room

Got a clean spare room? Begin your own “bed and breakfast”. Or better, advertise it on Airbnb, offer various services and earn good money.

42.  Custom Clothing

Can you design and sew clothes for special occasions? Create customized apparels and sell them online or in your local neighborhood.

43.  Babysitting

Adore kids? Good with emergency situations? Babysitting can provide you easy cash on free evenings and weekend.

44.  Personal Driver or Cab Services

A great way to earn money in an urban area where business leaders prefer hiring a personal driver. You can also become an Uber driver and avail benefits.

45.  Makeup Artist

If you are proficient with makeup or haircut, you can start offering your services from home. Open a salon and provide various beauty treatments.

46.  Tour Guide

Know your city like the back of your hand? Become a certified tour guide and help visitors enjoy their vacation.

47.  Electronic Repair Services

Are you good with electronic devices? People hire freelance experts for a quick repair service on computers, television, and more.

48.  Furniture Making

If you are an expert at woodworking and have the right tools, you can create new furniture items. You can turn your hobby into a profitable business idea.

49.  Auto Repair Services

Got a garage and have some basic equipment? Start your own auto repair shop from home or travel to various locations to repair vehicles.

50.  Packing Services

Help people settle into their new homes by offering your packing and moving services. Pack their belongings into boxes and transfer from an old house to a new one.

You could be a student looking for a part-time job or a mother, everyone is looking for a side hustle. Tell us, what’s yours.

Author Bio: Mary Jones is the co-founder & editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades which focuses on Content Marketing Strategy for clients from the Education industry in the US, Canada & UK. Mary has conducted a series of webinars for AssignmentEssayHelp. She has extensive content editing experience and has worked with MSNBC, NewsCred & Scripted. She has also authored blogs on Lifehack.org, Wn.com, Medium.com, Minds.com and many more digital publications.

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