6 creative ways to boost brand awareness

Having a trusted and solid brand is crucial if you want your business to thrive. After all, if your target market doesn’t know that you exist, or, worse still, don’t trust you, it becomes impossible to increase your customer base, boost sales, or grow your business. From Coca-Cola to Kleenex the best brands are used worldwide and recognised immediately, and while you may never reach this level of fame, you can still aim for it. Here are six ways to boost brand awareness.

1. Introduce A Referral Program

Word of mouth has always been and will always be an effective marketing tool. For this reason, you should give customers and clients a reason to spread the word about your products, by providing some kind of incentive. Some companies choose to offer money off, while others give something away for free. Whatever you decide, be sure it’s of value to your customers.

2. Take To Social Media

These days, billions of people have profiles across a number of different social media platforms. Because of their popularity, these sites are the ideal place to promote yourself and your business free of charge. Building up a good following on these pages will require some work, but there are tools available that can make it a little easier and automate posts on different platforms.

3. Post On Other Blogs

Despite what some people may tell you, guest blogging is still an incredibly powerful way to get your name out there in your industry. However, for the best results, you are going to need to create some great content. This should be high-quality, valuable to readers, and professional looking. If you do this right, you can make a lasting impression and grow your audience.

4. Try Licensing Your Brand

Brand licensing is a strategy used by all types of company, from small businesses to major corporations. It allows you to extend your brand into lots of new categories, allowing you to tap into new markets. With that in mind, you may want to contact a licensing agency, like Lime Licensing. They can make this process easier, guiding you through every step along the way.

5. Host A Live Event

Whatever industry you’re in, hosting an event is a great way to get the attention of current and potential customers and clients. Whether it be a social gathering, like a Christmas party or summer barbecue, or informational event, like a workshop, this will give you valuable time to showcase your brand. If this is too much work, you could also consider sponsoring an event.

6. Give Out Free Stuff

Everyone loves to get free stuff, no matter what it is. Because of this, you may want to have some products printed with your company logo. It doesn’t matter whether they’re mugs, pens, or hats, giving these items away shows your business to be a generous one. It also ensures customers and potential customers always have your brand close to the front of their mind.

Building brand awareness can be a challenge, but, with these creative tips, you should find the task a little easier.

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