How to write a successful award entry

Awards are the ultimate way to prove that you are good at what you do. It gives you external recognition for the work you delivered which helps your business to build credibility.

The only issue with awards is that there is a lot of work and time that goes into creating a successful award entry and if you are entering in partnership with a client it requires a strong relationship. It can be very challenging, but partnering up on awards will not only benefit your business, but will most likely improve your relationship and will give your client extra exposure. And even if you don’t win, being shortlisted will give you the opportunity to network and to be seen at the right places.

Here are a few tips on making your award entry successful:

1. Pick an innovative project

To win an award you will have to wow the audience.  Pick a project that you are proud of and feel that it was different in a good way and created positive results. You don’t always have to win to get noticed. If your project is worth remembering, people will remember.

2. Look at the bigger picture

Your work is likely to be focused on one area of the business. But see if you can link it to the overall strategy and showcase the business impact. The bigger the picture, the more of an impact will your entry make. Look at different angles. It doesn’t only have to be linked to revenue – you could focus on change in processes such as behaviours, or any aspect of the business which has improved because of the work you delivered.

3. Link to data

Anecdotal feedback is great, but you will have to back your results with real data. Use numbers where you can and if you don’t have any stats, do some internal research to collect data. A quick survey is a nice and simple way of getting some feedback that can then be linked to the bigger picture. The more you can prove the difference you have made, the more likely that your entry will stand out.

4. Get clients involved

If you are entering an award with a client, this will help to take your relationship even further. Don’t just focus on your client’s business – call out individuals and their contribution to the success of the project. It will make them support your entry even more as they will see this as their personal achievement too.

5. Keep it simple

Making your entry unnecessarily complicated will not make you look smarter. Keep it simple. Use terminology that those who are reviewing your entry will understand and follow the guidelines. If you have anything that you want to say and there is nowhere to include it in the entry, use the appendix – if they are interested they will have a look.

And if you entry is successful, use it to promote your business, even if it only made the shortlist. Use the award logo on your website and any other appropriate communication. Because people will recognise this as a sign that you are great at what you do. Good luck!

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