How to get more work done in less time

Efficiency is key to every successful business. Getting more done in less time could help you to reduce your working hours, allowing you to enjoy more leisure time. Alternatively, it could allow you to take on more clients and take in more money. Whatever your reason may be for wanting to be more efficient, here are just a few solutions that could help you to achieve this.

Free your workplace of distractions

Too many distractions will slow down your work rate. Make sure that your workplace isn’t full of distractions. If you find that you zone out when listening to music, you may not want to play music as you work. If you find yourself constantly checking your phone every time there’s an alert, you may want to turn it onto silent. Other people can sometimes be a distraction too – when it comes to tasks that require your full concentration, you could find that you’re better working from home than in an office full of people.

Outsource tasks that are challenging/time-consuming

When running a business, you have the flexibility of choosing which tasks you want to do – pretty much anything can be outsourced to another company these days. It’s best to outsource the tasks that eat away your time and that you’re not competent at. If you’re not digitally savvy and find marketing laborious, it could be worth outsourcing a digital marketing agency to take on this task. If you spend too much time answering phonecalls, it could even be worth outsourcing a phone answering company to take calls for you. Outsourcing can free up huge amounts of time, however it will cost you extra money.

Automate tasks with software/machines

It may also be possible to automate tasks to help speed them up. Modern accounting software can often take the struggle out of book-keeping. Meanwhile, there are countless modern machines that can speed up physical tasks such as industrial dishwashers to speed up washing up and electric saws to speed up manual sawing. Not every task can be automated and obviously you will pay extra for this convenience.

Don’t travel to meetings

If you run the type of business that often involves travelling in order to meet people, consider whether you’d be able to conduct the same meetings from your office simply by relying on video-conferencing. Whilst it can be exciting travelling across the country to meet a client, there often isn’t a physical need for it in this day and age – you could be wasting hours by travelling, when all that’s needed is a ten minute Skype call.

Take preventative maintenance measures

Tech faults can slow down businesses dramatically. Don’t keep using faulty machinery until it fails – get it fixed as soon as you spot the early signs of a problem. You may even be able to get a technician to fix the problem out of regular working hours so that you don’t have to go a day without machinery.  

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