Character building: Giving your brand plenty of personality

As a small business or startup, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd so that your target audience can spot you. However, with so much mass consumerism, major corporations, and generic businesses, out there, the public seem to be craving something a little different. More and more are buying into independent businesses and brand, because they offer a sense of charm, personality, and are more in tune with their patrons. That’s why it’s time to stop panicking, and prevent yourself trying to keep up with the rest.

Your potential customers won’t want the rest; they want your unique take on products, services, or as a brand as a whole. Therefore, it’s time to celebrate your smaller size, because all the best things really can come in small packages. It’s time to concentrate on portraying your business character as much as you can so that you become an attractive option for customers and followers alike. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for entrepreneurs who want their company’s personality to shine, through everything they do.

Little extras

People will always appreciate anything extra they get, especially when it’s an unexpected surprise. And, don’t worry, extras don’t have to be expensive. It can as simple as sending them a discount code after they’ve purchased something from your site so that they’re sure to return and invest again. You could pop a little something into any packages you send out to customers. Think about branded items, like sweets, or check out companies like The Pin Factory so that you can send out something useful or fun.

The recipients will appreciate the extra, and if it’s something edible or useful, they’ll associate you with positive thoughts and feelings; it’s a win-win. You could randomly pick from some of your followers, who have been positive on your social media platforms, and send them a little treat as a thank you. Again, it doesn’t need to cost much; a voucher or code will suffice, and it’ll encourage them to head to your website. Hold a regular treat Thursday; have fun, encourage engagement, and most of all, make people smile.

Boosting your brand identity

Your brand itself should be enough to attract the right crowd. Therefore, it’s worth investing some serious time and effort into the aesthetics of your branding, and the ethics, belief, and identity behind it. Consumers often shy away from the major corporations due to unsavory practices and production methods; they’re conscious of political and environmental issues and problems, which now affects where they buy from. Therefore, make the most of how you go about things, and let people know through your online presence and any printed materials.
If you’re proud of something that your business does differently to others, make a big deal about it, otherwise, how are your customers going to know? The more they learn about your brand, the more you’ll be building trust, and you’ll create a very loyal consumer audience, not to mention a crowd of brand ambassadors who will draw even more people in. Keep celebrating what makes you unique, and you’ll stand out in no time.

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