How Cloud systems can make your business more efficient

In this article, we will be looking at why cloud systems are so useful and how it can make your business more efficient.

1. It allows you to back up data

Have you ever experienced that sickening feeling when you have just completed an important document or spent ages compiling and inputting data and your computer or network crashes, losing it all? It has happened to us all, but now, thanks to the cloud, that is likely to become an issue of the past. Most cloud services automatically back-up data regularly, meaning it’s less likely to disappear, and saves you from having one more routine (and often mundane!) job to do. In the same vein, it allows your business, if you are one with a taxable turnover of more than £85,000, to be ready and compatible with the making tax digital for VAT scheme from April 2019. This requires you to store records and submit updates to HMRC through approved accounting software, which is often cloud-based.

2. Synchronize data and emails across devices

Imagine this: you’ve saved all your data to the hard drive in the office and to your memory stick. It’s crucial information that can secure you a contract. You travel halfway across the country to get this deal in the bag – and you realise you left the memory stick on your desk. You have two options: contact the office and ask someone to email you the documents, which involves wasting yours and potentially your clients time – and that is assuming they are able to access the information anyway. The other choice is to have it all uploaded (automatically, of course) to your cloud storage network, which you can access anytime, from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

3. You can save money

You will obviously need to pay out for more than the most basic of cloud software, but it will definitely be cheaper than buying a whole lot of large hardware equipment, the energy needed to supply it and people to upload data, maintain it and sort out any technical issues. You may be able to outsource your IT support to someone working on a freelance or contract basis, which is usually a lot cheaper than having someone in-house.

4. It is more secure

It is a misconception that cloud systems are less secure than traditional storage systems. While we can understand why it doesn’t feel as secure-you are, after all, leaving the safety of your data and information to an external company- in most cases, they have a much better grasp of security. A provider of a cloud system is definitely not going to want to be responsible for large scale data breaches, so security is going to be a big priority for them.

5. It increases flexibility and productivity

By using a cloud system, you are giving your employees more opportunities to work from various locations, without the need to traipse into the office every day. This can not only save you money but allows your staff to work when and where they are most productive. It also allows them to collaborate with other members of a team remotely, sending and sharing documents and tools.

Obviously, using a cloud system does not necessarily mean that your business immediately becomes efficient. Like all other tools in the workplace, it needs to be used correctly for everyone to benefit.

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