How to define your content pillars

Defining your content pillars is quintessential to understanding your brands values and also helps you to establish the types of content you’ll be sharing to your audience on a regular basis. It is through your content in which you’ll be communicating your brands message, so you need to think about what you’d like that message to be. Is your brand a supporter of ethically and sustainably made products? Is your brands mission to help lift people up? Whatever your values are, how will you be communicating them to your audience?

We recently worked with a client who produces beautiful children’s books and apparel. Their values were reflected in their content pillars – to engage, inspire and empower. How beautiful is that?

So how did we communicate these pillars to their audience? Well, we inspired them by posting relatable imagery and captions of the owner’s personal parenting stories. We empowered by sharing stories of other kids out there who are helping change the world for the better. We also posted weekly reminders in the form of empowering quotes. And we kept them engaged by using emotive language that was relatable and creative.

If you’re yet to define your own pillars, here’s a great formula that we personally love to use for many of our clients:


Remember not to overdo it with this one. Of course, underlying any business strategy is the concept of promotional content. This is an important tool to help get your product off the shelves, however you should not be promoting on a daily basis. It looks desperate, robotic and inauthentic, so instead, only post a product photo or promotional caption on your feed, every few days.


Sharing facts about things relating to your industry, really cements your account as being a credible go-to source within the market. Share tips, benefits, industry updates, and commentary to spark conversation and offer value to your followers.


Audiences love to see the face behind the brand – especially if you are a small business. Don’t be afraid to post a picture of yourself once a month, as this humanises the business and builds trust with your followers. Alternatively, write a caption which introduces your passions, how your business came to be, and why you do, what you do.

Motivational / inspirational

While text based images tend to not perform as well on business accounts as the other forms of content, posting a quote every once in a while, can really help to boost the morale of those reading. You want people to feel happy when visiting your page, and reading your posts and this is a great way to implement it within your feed.

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Catherine Falalis is the founder of Content Savvy. Catherine is journalistically trained, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in copywriting and Instagram marketing services. Aside from writing, Catherine also has a passion for complementary therapies and products which offer wellness in everyday lives. This led her to complete a certificate in Crystal Healing. At first glance, a background in both journalism and crystal healing seems an odd mix. Quite the contrary, this powerful fusion has allowed Catherine to authentically cater to the copy and social media marketing needs of numerous wellness, beauty and lifestyle brands.

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